At the beginning of this school year, musically-rooted students at Oak Park and River Forest High School suggested compiling a CD of student recordings. As the school year closes, that CD?#34;”Dog Yearz”?#34;is on sale at the school bookstore.

John Condne, radio/film/TV teacher at the school, opened the school’s studio last December to encourage creative productions by the students.

And the result?#34;an absolute hit.

“It picked up very fast,” said Condne.  “Students?#34;even those who aren’t in my classes?#34;came independently with their original songs and started recording.”

Dog Yearz has 14 tracks with an eclectic mix of hip-hop, garage band, spoken word, vocals and much more.

The studio, featuring professional equipment, is used for classes and also available for independent student activities.

“The students come to the studio and learn how to mix things and work with the equipment?#34;it’s a great learning opportunity.” Condne said.

Two students, Corey Peoples and Anando Flores, originally suggested the idea at the beginning of the year.

“I started this production with my friend, Anando Flores, because music is something that is deeply rooted in our souls,” Peoples said.  “It’s also something that we always wanted to do.”

Currently there are 300 copies of the album on sale for $7 at the school’s bookstore, located on the 1st floor near the student center

All the proceeds will go into improving the studio.

Condne said the school is planning to continue the production and release another album next year.

“It’s a unique experience,” he said.  “The students bring talents of their own and it’s just great to see them put their hearts into this.”

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