Although we often admire the ability of editor Ken Trainor to point out emperors with no clothes, he outdid himself in his April 19 column, “We all have blood on our own hands.” The fundamentalism from all quarters in this country?#34;our country?#34;must stop. No one has a monopoly on the truth, especially for such socially complex issues such as abortion.

This is a country with some ground rules, including honoring the diversity of spiritual beliefs. This country is not a Christian theocracy. Some people simply abhor the idea of any child being born into abuse, poverty, neglect, addiction and not being wanted, nurtured or loved by many people. So they acknowledge the legal right for a woman to choose. Many others believe in reincarnation, that a soul can and does choose another body, another life. Obviously, these are not beliefs held by many Christians, but again we live in a country based on honoring the diversity of religious beliefs.

What courage Ken Trainor had when he wrote, “If we all surrender our self-righteousness, arrogance and condescension, maybe we can create a culture of life. But only if we do it together…hand in bloody hand.”

Amen. Alleluia. Let’s do it.

Marty Berg and Gina Orlando
Oak Park

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