As if it isn’t hard enough being a state legislator, we go and print a photo of Don Harmon with a woman who isn’t his wife … and then say she is. The photo ran in our VILLAGE VOYEUR section last week and, to be fair, Ellen Nelson was identified as Mrs. Harmon by the Hephzibah folks who submitted it. Still, we should have known better, especially since we published a picture of the Harmon family, looking quite harmonic, on the front page of our Sept 22, 2004 issue.

Fortunately, Don did know better, immediately recognized that wasn’t his wife, and sent us a remarkably courteous note (under the circumstances), which read: “Photo caption notwithstanding, the lovely Ms. Nelson is not my wife. Fortunately, my wife Teresa, also lovely, has a good sense of humor. Just wanted to make sure this didn’t become the stock photo of ‘Senator and Mrs. Harmon.'”

One of Ellen Nelson’s friends also called, laughing hysterically.

We stand utterly corrected.

Let’s not get carried away … to Tanzania

Last week we also had the OPRF Alumni Association paying to send no less than 13 students to Tanzania. While they are a magnanimous organization, giving 24 individual grants to students based on need and merit for summer enrichment programs hither and yon, they are only partially supporting one of the students going on the Tanzania trip this summer. We apologize for the confusion our error caused.

Not that far east

On our BUSINESS page last week, we located the Fresh Market grocery store quite a bit further east than it really is, prompting callers to wonder why we were writing about something that appeared to be located around Laramie Avenue in Austin. The actual address is 6209 W. North Ave.

OK, it was a bad week. We regret these rather glaring errors.

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