Dear Chief of Police Tanksley,

I am writing to express my gratitude to Officer Adams for his outstanding service earlier today. My nine-year-old son, his friend, and I returned to my car this afternoon to find that someone had smashed a window. Officer Adams responded to my call.

When he arrived, he asked if we were all right. I told him we were, though the kids were rather frightened. His response was to give them a tour of his patrol car, showing them its gadgets and back seat. They were thrilled to have a chance to see a police car close up.

Officer Adams completed a report, was sympathetic, friendly, courteous, and kind. The attention he gave to Sam and Caroline was warm and informal?#34;and exactly the antidote they needed after a scare.

I hope you will convey my deep appreciation for his thoughtfulness.

Alice Cottingham
Oak Park

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