The District 97 Board of Education has canceled tonight’s meeting for a public hearing on the proposed reclassification of Brooks Middle School Principal Flora Green.

The meeting was to be held at 6 p.m. at Whittier School.

A district cancellation announcement was faxed to WEDNESDAY JOURNAL, and Supt. John C. Fagan left a voicemail message stating, “I think we have a tentative agreement.”

Fagan said Tuesday that he planned to meet with Green later in the day and that he and other administrators had identified possible new administrative roles Green could occupy.

The public hearing was prompted by a reclassification process outlined by state law, which allows Green to request a public hearing on being returned to teacher ranks. A transfer to an administrative position of similar rank would not need a hearing.

At is March 23 meeting, the board voted 5-2 to continue with the reclassification process and voted unanimously to direct Fagan to find a suitable administrative reassignment.

Although Green needed to request the public hearing within five days of the March 23 vote, which she did, no strict timeline is required for scheduling the hearing. Outgoing board President Ade Onayemi has said he would like to finalize the matter before a new board is convened April 20.

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