Frank Pinc has been looking through the lens of a camera for 40 years. Along with Josh Hawkins, Pinc takes the photos that appear on these pages”and in all WEDNESDAY JOURNAL publications”each week.

Pinc has been taking photos for this paper for about 15 years. And unlike most of us, who make a distinction between what we do for work and for fun, he still takes his camera wherever he goes. Some of his favorite personal photos, and a few shot on assignment, are on display in a one-man show at Frame Warehouse in Oak Park. They range over time and place, from “the first real photo I took, in high school,” Pinc says, through France, Italy, Japan, along the California coast, across Utah, and, closer to home, Brookfield Zoo.

Many of the older photos were shot on film (scanned and printed by computer for the exhibit), now a relic of the past for Pinc, who even demolished his darkroom a few years ago when he made the switch to digital.

“I suppose if you did strictly film and processed with chemicals, and then shot and processed digitally, you’d see a difference. But I don’t think film would necessarily be better. There’s so much more control with digital”you can adjust the contrast, lighten a face. Those are things you can do in the darkroom only if you’re incredibly dexterous,” he says.

We’ve borrowed some of Pinc’s photos for our pages. These and more will be on display at the Frame Warehouse, 346 Harrison St., until April 22.

“Laura Stuart





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