I am writing to express my strong support for returning Carolyn Newberry Schwartz to the school board. I have known Carolyn for several years as a friend, and have watched over the last four years as Carolyn has poured her heart and time into school board matters. We have all benefited immeasurably from her disciplined commitment to education issues. Her deep sense of responsibility result in hours of research and deliberation devoted to issues presented to the board. She has become an expert in school finance and is committed to addressing inequalities in educational opportunities through early childhood initiatives. Her sense of ethics and her appreciation that her duty is to represent all children in Oak Park is complete.

The problems that our school district faces are complex. If they could have been solved by good intentions, they would not be with us today. With people like Carolyn on the school board, I am confident that problems can be solved through a disciplined analysis of facts and a sense of ownership in the achievement of all children.

Barbara Shulman
Oak Park

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