How delighted I am to see your endorsement of Bob Milstein. It has been an agonizing two years watching him and Galen Gockel duke it out with the other board members.

Maybe soon Dan Fore will be able to get a humane response, the Spagats and others?#34;who speak most often about needing a place for stray animals?#34;will get a place, the HOCA people can relax a bit, etc. Maybe something will get done at a board meeting for a change. Maybe there will be nothing to complain about as I remember meetings with most of the former greats you cited.

That so many individuals had to give up their valuable time to come over and over, to our representatives on the village board to no avail, is a black mark on their effort to serve.

The Barrie Park issue is nearly over (maybe a couple more years and they’ll finish) but there were no more steadfast supporters for our awful situation than Bob Milstein and Galen Gockel. But Galen has finished serving his time, elegantly and thoughtfully.

I have told many people in and out of Oak Park, that the worse thing for us in this Barrie mess was the feeling of a lack of support from our own village board. The grant/loan program has been a good thing, but Bob and Galen fought hard to get that.

I hear rumors that at candidate forums, the VMA candidates are patting themselves on the back for their support of Barrie neighborhood. Ha!

Thanks for endorsing Bob Milstein. It renews my faith in humankind and in your newspaper?#34;doing a 180!

Marion Biagi
Oak Park

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