On last Wednesday evening I attended the D97 Board meeting held at Brooks. I was pleased that there were so many persons there. I appreciated hearing the avid support for Ms. Green. I have had 3 children to go to either Emerson or Brooks and I have one child there now. I have been happy with the education that my children have gotten and with Ms. Green’s leadership. Things seemed to have been going smoothly until there was so much bad press. Students and parents read the newspapers and were upset because it was their school that was being talked about so badly. Now since the School Improvement Process has begun, things seem to be getting better. I admit I came to the meeting confused. I was surprised to hear that Ms. Green did not even know the performance issues in question. When board member, Michelle Harton, spoke up things became clearer. Ms. Green will be notified of the issues in question and if Ms. Green wishes there will be a private and public hearing. Ms. Green has the opportunity to make her case known before the school board and so do I.

I don’t understand why Dr. Fagan is suggesting that Ms. Green be removed as principal. I support her and want her to stay.

Michelle Darang-Coleman
Oak Park

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