I am writing to ask your support for the Renew Our Parks referendum that will appear on the ballot this April 5. Your support of this referendum would allow the Park District of Oak Park to raise an additional $2.9 million annually to support the maintenance of the park facilities that are so much a part of our lives and the lives of our children.

The last time the park district received approval from the voters for additional tax support I was three years old, blissfully unaware and enjoying my first ballet class at the Field Center. Forty years later little has changed at Field Center?#34;and little money has been available to make needed improvements. It’s time to change that.

As a homeowner for the last 15 years, I have seen our tax burden rise to meet the needs of our community?#34;schools, police, fire, and library. I believe that our support of these services is critical to the stability and vibrancy of our village. For me the park district has given much and asked little. The park district has been a resource for my children’s social and physical development. It has offered our family places of active enjoyment and quiet respite. It has been where my children learned to swim and skate, play soccer and tennis, ride a bike and walk their dog.

We need to ensure that Oak Park parks and facilities are here not only for our children, but their children as well.

Please join me in supporting our park district. Vote yes on April 5.

Let’s renew our parks.

Katie Kelly
Oak Park

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