With less than a handful of meetings left, the sitting village board appears to be getting a little, well, giddy, as demonstrated in this brief transcript of last week’s study session, discussing how long it took to approve the Roosevelt Road and UIC plans:

Village President Joanne Trapani: “Nobody processes like lesbians.”

Trustee Bob Milstein: “I need a drink.”

Trapani: “We plan for two years, and God created the world in …”

Trustee Galen Gockel: “Seven days”

Trapani: “Six days, and then he rested”

Trustee Gus Kostopulos: “Without a process!”

Ready to save Oak Park?

Local architect and historic preservation advocate Frank Heitzman is looking to take debate over the Crandall Arambula downtown master plan to the web.

A few postings are already up at: http://groups.

Hey, we beat out Portland

Speaking of downtown, it apparently was named several months ago by the “Project for Public Spaces” as one of the 20 best “North American districts, downtowns and neighborhoods.”

Why is it such a great place? The PPS reports: “Unlike many other suburban downtowns, Oak Park’s surrounding neighborhoods draw upon the city center for most of their primary needs. There are a wide variety of retail services, ranging from clothes to restaurants to food and hardware stores.”

In recent weeks, however, the PPS wisely removed a picture that accompanies its kudos … of The Avenue Business District.

Downtown Oak Park (or, perhaps, The Avenue) landed one spot in front of 23rd Street in Portland, Ore., where Crandall and Arambula are from.

?#34;Katharine Grayson

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