If Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Norway can institute smoking bans in eateries, why can’t Oak Park, and eventually all of Illinois? France and Germany have partial bans, and we found a no-smoking pub last summer in London.

How selfish, self-centered, and egotistical of a business owner who is so concerned with his own financial health, that he is willing to deny us his customers our physical health. One has only to realize that as soon as smoking is banned, the business owner pays less in health care coasts for his employees, and in cleaning costs in the place of business. This really happened to my husband’s library when he banned smoking during the 1970s.

Could it be that those who oppose the smoking ban are all smokers who cannot stand the thought of foregoing the convenience of smoking wherever and whenever he or she pleases?

There are so many places we avoid because we hate the indoor pollution. With a smoking ban, business owners will not lose business. They will only gain patrons. I’ve eaten in California and New York restaurants. They are always full, and no one has to wait impatiently for tables in the no-smoking section while there are open tables in the smoking section.

If a business owner chooses to move out of Oak Park due to a smoking ban, I say let him go. He is a chump who does not belong in Oak Park, our supposedly enlightened and forward-thinking village. Out, out, you stinking smokers! We don’t need you, we don’t want you, and we don’t like your stinking smokes, thank you very much.

Patricia Olderr
Oak Park

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