The gist of Dan Haley’s Jan. 19 column about the Hoppe building (“Damn the bunnies. Demolish ‘So-Called Hoppe Building'”) seemed to be that it would be quicker to tear it down than to wait for it to fall down. In a “village” whose main asset is its old buildings why would anyone complain that some of them have been built too well, as if they were overstaying their welcome?

That same night, Nightline featured two PBS types ruminating about past American elections, one of whom said, “There’s no doubt that that election was probably stolen.”

I’m getting a little winded trying to stay up with opinion leaders whose feet never seem to touch the ground.

The great advantage of the Hoppe building is that it’s already there. The great disadvantage is that maintaining and repairing it as needed make it hard to extract high fees, commissions and markups (from our tax dollars).
Gary Barnes
Oak Park

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