Susan Cross believes that two Wednesday Journal writers should apologize for their “caustic and misguided” criticism of the caustic and misguided Greg Saganich (“Replacement of WJ’s stupid, left-wing, editors is overdue,” Jan. 5). If they refuse? Why, they should be forced; no doubt Cross herself would eagerly volunteer to apply the electrodes.

Realistically, if the Journal owes apologies to anyone, it is to the many long-suffering readers who must tolerate the now-almost-weekly waste of newsprint on the pompous cluckings of Susan Cross.

Her endless displays of pious patriotism aside, Cross’ true sensibilities are not well suited to this country. In a democracy, one of the primary duties of the citizenry is to question its public servants and keep them accountable. But Cross’ “cult of the heroic Leader” mentality views any criticism of the president (oddly enough, only when that president is a Republican) as illegitimate?#34;-and frustrating to boot. After all, here she can only rail for the censorship of the critics’ “inane diatribes”; in another place at another time, she could look on approvingly as these traitors get what they deserve, inside the gulag or out.

Saganich hardly deserves an apology, but Journal readers might for being subjected time and time again to the substance-free musings of Cross, a toady wrapped in a flag.
John Krzyskowski
Oak Park

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