The Oak Park police department will undergo significant changes in the next month as two 30-year veterans retire from the Oak Park police force. Chief Rick Tanksley announced Monday that Deputy Chief Frank Kennedy and Deputy Chief Richard Toll have notified him of their intent to retire, both effective January 29.

Though rather sudden, Toll and Kennedy’s departure was not totally unexpected.

“I have known for some time that this day would come and have been planning accordingly,” said Tanksley. Calling changes in police department personnel “an ongoing challenge for any organization,” Tanksley acknowledged that the retirements of police veterans can be especially challenging due to the loss of valuable experience.

Toll and Kennedy, he said, have earned their retirement.

“Both Deputy Chief Kennedy and Deputy Chief Toll have each served 30 years on the force and have earned the right to enjoy the benefits of their long service to the community,” Tanksley said in a press release.

Tanksley, who was not in his office Tuesday, said he was “not ready at this time to name replacements or discuss the details of the process I am following to fill these positions.” He offered no time frame for replacing the two senior officers.

Responsibility for the functions handled by Toll and Kennedy will likely be assumed by Deputy Chief Robert Scianna, as well as one or more of the five Oak Park police Commanders.

“I can say with the utmost confidence, that the effectiveness of the Oak Park Police Department will continue,” Tanksley said.
“Bill Dwyer

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