The decision by the village trustees to knock down the condominium building just north of Border’s is unfortunate. The building was built in the 1920s and is a well-kept, handsome building of architectural value which is worth preserving. It may not be known to many but the building was either owned or managed by Ernest Hemingway’s uncle in the 1930s!

It blocks the view of the massive Holley Court parking structure as you drive down Harlem and provides the only landscaping relief for blocks in either direction. Other than that charming building the eye is oppressed for blocks on the Oak Park side by concrete and asphalt. The trustees want to replace it by a parking structure. To do this, in the town of Frank Lloyd Wright and E.E. Roberts, is shameful?#34;our Oak Park heritage means something to us.
Dace and Edgar Blaumanis
Oak Park

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