It’s a safe bet the Tribune Company sold a few more copies than normal of its Red Eye newspaper on Tuesday thanks to our local cops. That edition of the Trib tabloid featured a full-color cover photograph of Oak Park Tactical Officer Chris Pedicini, as well as Forest Park Sergeant Steve Zanoni. Pedicini was one of two Oak Park officers who arrested Wrigleyville rape suspect Paul Cruikshank on New Year’s Eve.

In an odd change of character, though, it was Red Eye, which is usually “Tribune Lite,” that carried a full, detailed account of the New Year’s Eve assault in Forest Park and the subsequent arrest of Cruikshank by Pedicini and Oak Park Detective Jim Sperandio. The Tribune proper, meanwhile, carried a far sketchier, more generic account in its Tuesday Metro section.

“Forest Park police said they had no information to release Sunday night,” read the Tribune piece. Forest Park, Oak Park and Chicago police did, however, release a considerable amount of information at a Monday morning press conference, which the World’s Greatest Newspaper apparently didn’t attend.

Cut The Time?
Les Golden has made the news again. And he’s using his real name this time.

On the Tribune’s Tuesday, Dec. 28, weather page, Tommy “Skillethead” Skilling quotes “calculations based on preliminary data made by Oak Park astronomer Dr. Leslie M. Golden.”

Oak Park astronomer? Oh, yes. Someone must have left the door to the lab unlocked again and he’s gotten out. Astronomy is one of Golden’s many, varied incarnations. When he’s not cutting trees or saving taxes (no, wait, it’s the other way around), he’s studying the universe.

The calculations concern shorter days caused by faster rotation of the Earth, which in turn was caused by the Sumatra earthquake on Dec. 26. The theory is a 600-mile-by-100-mile block of material moving 30 feet closer to the Earth’s axis of rotation is responsible for the speed-up.

We expect a name change to Les “Cut The Time” Golden to be forthcoming.

?#34;Bill Dwyer and Drew Carter

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