Saying that he still had goals to accomplish, River Forest President Frank Paris announced in November that he is running for a fourth term as village president.

“There’s a lot of things I’ve started that I’d like to see finished,” said Paris, who has already served four years longer than any other village president in the town’s history. In fact, in nearly 125 years, only three other people have been elected to even two terms of office.

Paris said that development of the Madison Street corridor remains high on his agenda, as well as a revamping of the town’s sewer system, which he said was 80 percent done.

Two other village trustees are reportedly looking into possible presidential runs this April. In the wake of Paris’s announcement in November, veteran trustee Dale Rider said he thought that Paris had simply been in office too long, and was “95 percent certain” he would run, with the caveat that he would readily step aside if someone else threw their hat in the ring. Two weeks later, Trustee Michael O’Connel said that he was “mulling over” a run for president, but that he was unsure whether he could best serve the community by remaining a trustee, or as president.

Stay tuned.

?#34;Bill Dwyer

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