Oak Park police had charged a Chicago man with murdering a bus driver found shot and killed at 6:30 a.m. on Christmas Day, but were not yet able to determine a motive for the crime.

Veteran RTA bus driver George Polos, 52, was found dead in the stairwell of his still-running bus at Madison Street and East Avenue, after a resident reported to police that she had seen the body. He had been shot in the head.

Gregory Fuller, 22, was arrested minutes later. It was speculated at the time that Fuller, who had been involved in a car accident at Ridgeland Avenue and South Boulevard, has boarded Polos’ bus.

Prior to the incident, Fuller’s car was found atop a fire hydrant at the southwest corner of Ridgeland and South.

The incident was the fourth murder to occur in the village in 1984.

? For the first time in over 15 years, Oak Park elementary school students were required to attend a full day of classes on Wednesdays. Prior to the change, the school day ended at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesdays.

? Fifty signs, for a total cost of $1,050, were posted to mark the Ridgeland/Oak Park historic district. The village also installed 135 parking meters throughout out Oak Park, at a cost of $100 each.

? During the school year of 1983-84, it cost $4,767 to educate a student at Oak Park and River Forest High School.

? A group of River Forest residents attempting to slate candidates for local elections chose to name its slate “United Village Party.” Oak Park’s Village Manager Association (VMA) had given its slate the same name in 1981.

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