“FUN! THIS IS GREAT! EXCITING! FANTASTIC! Let’s do this again!” These are just some of the overheard comments from the children and the parents who had the chance to attend the “It’s Your Birthday Bash!” party, presented by SEA, the Supported Education Association of Oak Park and River Forest.

Over 40 children of all ages and abilities attended the first ever SEA Birthday Bash! at Wonder Works Children’s Museum on Wednesday evening, Dec. 15. This party was to honor ALL children’s birthdays, as so many times special needs children don’t get to attend or throw a big party. Children with special educational needs were invited from District 97 and District 200 along with many of the district children who attend special needs schools outside of the district. There were 4 students from the Best Buddies club from Julian Middle School and 3 students from Brooks who assisted parents and also got to play with the special needs students.

The children, many of whom have never been to Wonder Works, marveled at the settings and play activities there. Little ones clambered all over a castle, in and out of a campground and tree house, while older children acted out scenes on the stage and did craft projects. Appetites were satisfied by donated pizzas from Edwardo’s, while everyone waited breathlessly for the lighting of the huge sheet cake, donated by Whole Foods. Goody bags were made up for each child, as if a present for each child. Items from local businesses were included in each bag and SEA wishes to acknowledge each and everyone with a hearty thank you for their wonderful generosity.
 Wonder Works Children Museum, Oak Park; Edwardo’s Pizza, North Ave., Oak Park; Whole Foods, River Forest; amethystmoon.com, Zion; Bright Ideas, Oak Park; cars.com, Chicago; Gloor Realty, Oak Park; Bill Housey, Armor Tile, Crestwood; Lindamood?#34;Bell, Oak Park; Magic Tree Bookstore, Oak Park; Dee and Tony Millard, Oak Park; Roaring Belly Glass Works, Oak Park; Ridgeland Therapeutics, Oak Park; Score! Learning Centers, Oak Park; Charlotte Rubinstein, Oak Park; STUDIO 626, Oak Park; WEDNESDAY JOURNAL and Oak Leaves for providing press coverage; Many thanks to the SEA Birthday Bash Committee: Barbara Biegai, Chris Birkentall, Suzanne Carney, Kimberly Werner, Peggy Ebersole

SEA, Supported Education Association, is an organization of parents that provides support and information resources to families of children with special needs. All SEA meetings are free to the public. For more information, contact Kimberly Werner, SEA Contact, at (708) 848-3820, or e-mail at sea_oakpark@comcast.net

SEA, Supported Education Association   

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