Forest Park has attracted another area business to Madison Street.

The latest transplant is River Forest’s Todd & Holland Tea Merchants, which signed a lease for the old Gentle Dental building, 7311 W. Madison St. Shop owners expect to open in March.

Bill Todd, one of three Todd & Holland owners, said what attracted him was the lure of Forest Park’s bustling downtown district?#34;as well as the lure of more space.

“We’re very excited about what we see happening on Madison Street,” Todd said. “We see a synergy coming together on Madison Street that hasn’t been present in decades past.

“We didn’t want to leave the area, but we also wanted to go where…we felt there was the most potential for retail development.”

Art Jones, one of the building’s five investors, said he was also excited about what Todd & Holland would bring to Madison.

“Todd & Holland will become another destination for Madison Street,” said Jones, who is also a vice president at Forest Park National Bank. “I think it’s another business that will contribute to the unique shopping experience in [Forest Park].”

Stepping into Todd & Holland’s River Forest location at 7577 Lake St., it’s obvious that space is tight?#34;there’s barely an inch to spare on the shelves, and Todd says he has more tea and accessories stored in his basement and other storage facilities.

Moving from the current 700-square-foot shop to the 2,500-square-foot storefront in Forest Park will allow Todd and his co-owners, Janet Todd (his wife) and Marianne Richards, to spread things out and add to their displays.

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