I’m a little old for Facebook. So I went to see The Social Network at the Lake in order to learn more about it. This movie tells the story about how Mark Zuckerman, now the world’s youngest billionaire,  created this global phenomenon while he was a student at Harvard  in 2004.   

It turns out Facebook was based on those directories every college had that all the students used to check out before you asked them out on what used to be called a date.  So the whole initial point of Facebook was about  getting laid.                             

 Heretofore, I’ve had this image of  some poor soul with no real  friends, sitting in front of a glowing computer screen in his underwear at 2AM trying to find out where a kid  he knew in high school  but hadn’t spoken to for 5 years  went on summer  vacation. My new image is the same lonely setting, but instead this loser fantasizes about having sex with that  same person. Now it makes sense.



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