The lemmings rush to war

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It is incredible that the U.S. once again is on the brink of invading a Middle Eastern country. It defies comprehension that once again, the excuse offered for this mindless aggression is a claim of "weapons of mass destruction" and a rogue government supposedly killing its own people. Once again, we witness the predictable charade of government spokesmen first issuing the ultimatum, "If chemical weapons are used, we must invade," and then someone (anyone who wants a U.S. invasion — it does not matter which side) uses chemical weapons, and now, "Yippee, we must go to war!"

Sixty percent of Americans say that the United States should stay out of the Syrian conflict completely; only 9 percent support an invasion. If we lived in a democracy, this would be the end of the discussion. Unfortunately, when politicians go to Washington D.C., something evil happens to their brains. They are pummeled by weapons industry lobbyists into promoting wars, against common sense, against the will of their constituents, and with no purpose in mind beyond utter mayhem, and costly mayhem at that.

Obama was elected in 2008 because he opposed the Iraq War from the outset. Like most Americans with common sense, he saw the fraudulent claims of "weapons of mass destruction" for what they were, a fabricated excuse to invade a Middle Eastern country. Like most Americans, he saw the enormously destructive impact of the war: 4,486 Americans killed and 32,223 injured, 100,000-600,000 Iraqi people killed, and the U.S. an outcast and a rogue nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. He saw that our safety was weakened by the decision to invade Iraq, which played into the hands of terrorists, and greatly amplified their appeal. The war's $3 trillion price tag now deprives us of the ability to maintain our own infrastructure, educate our children, conduct research to cure disease, or develop technology to face the problems of climate change and overpopulation that threaten the Earth.

Incomprehensively, Obama has barely left Iraq and is still in Afghanistan, but wants to start yet another disastrous war!

How can Americans take back their government from the corporate lobbyists who now dictate policy to our "leaders"? Why do we keep electing people who listen only to their rich donors? How many times will we be fooled by the same old tricks? How can Congress, who are supposed to represent us, allow yet another war to be dictated by a president, when the U.S. Constitution gives Congress alone the authority to declare war?

This is a great opportunity for the Obama-hating Republicans to take a stand that, for once, would actually reflect the will of their constituents! Sadly, we never seem to learn.

Tom DeCoursey

Oak Park

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Oak Parker  

Posted: September 10th, 2013 10:43 PM

The US hasnt been in Iraq since December 2011. Never hurts to do a little background research.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: September 5th, 2013 2:25 PM

Had Obama done the right thing and it turned out badly who would he had to blame. We have a twice elected president who has never discovered the difference between delegation and abdication.

OP Res 253 from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: September 5th, 2013 1:44 PM

I support clear decisive action to mitigate threats to the US and her allies. This incompetent leader is not the one to take it. I wouldn't trust Obama with a girl scout troop hike. He'd have no map and no plan, then try to appease the wild animals--J. Kerry, go have a nice dinner with the honey badgers, then blame a bunch of third grade girls for choosing to following him on a trail not actually chosen by him. Utter failure in leadership, year 6...

Bill from Oak Park  

Posted: September 5th, 2013 12:46 PM

8. Many want to politicize this event and in this part of the world blame it on Republicans.let's see the vote percentages in Congress before we go that route. And when has Congress stopped the President from exercising Executive Power in the past. I think the admin got cold feet or was unprepared to follow up on the rhetoric.

Bill from Oak Park  

Posted: September 5th, 2013 12:43 PM

6. I find it hard to believe that the administration made the "red line" talk and did not follow up with contingency planning (military and diplomatic). Again, the President could have struck quick and decisively last week. He got cold feet. 7. Now that we are on a path to not strike, how come we are not at the UN calling for a special court to try Assad, for crimes against humanity? This worked for Yugoslavia.

Bill from Oak Park  

Posted: September 5th, 2013 12:39 PM

Many thoughts here: 1. I'm a Republican. 2. I think the President is within his powers to strike at Syria with or without Congress. However, if was going to do that he should have done so last week without this weak on again/off again wait, "Let's ask Congress." strategy. Reagan was decisive in Libya Bush was decisive in Panama and Clinton was decisive all over the place. 3. A strike is not going to war. 4. We could have achieved much with a sustained strike, but that opportunity is gone


Posted: September 4th, 2013 1:50 PM

Ray, Exactly, long live Mark Levin! 34 states needed to help change the course from a banana republic to a Constitutional Republic. Sorry to say Illinois probably would not be one of those states. Thank God for George Mason who had the foresight to insist this mechanism be included in the Constitution to circumvent a tyrannical government should that day arrive. It has indeed.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: September 4th, 2013 12:50 PM

Mark Levin has written a book called the Freedom Amendments which lays out a way that the states can restore their rights by amending the constitution. This is not a constitutional convention, but rather a mechanism designed by the founders to allow a group of states to amend the constitution.

Franz Hayek from Winnetka  

Posted: September 4th, 2013 12:32 PM

You bring up some valid points, but you must know it's not all due to efforts of the lobbyist. The President sounded off in his feeble attempt to look like a leader, it's backfired and his global image is suffering. I hope the U.S. steers clear of Syria. Should the threat become real to us - different story. Are you and the others in the Anti-War Left going to call Obama a war criminal like you did with his predecessor? Doubtful. FH

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