The Right believes in a cruel God and an incompetent president.


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Is there nothing the Religious Right won't stoop to?

Now, in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster in this country's history, the American Family Association and other extremists are saying God destroyed New Orleans because of the sins that were taking place there.

According to them, these include Mardi Gras, acceptance of gays, abortion, strip clubs on Bourbon Street and on and on. A simple web search finds this lunacy quite easily.

Let me get this straight?#34;God destroyed a city, killing and injuring mostly poor and black residents because of the sin going on there?

Never mind that most of the sinners were fairly well off and able to get out of the way. It's an interesting and cruel God these people believe in.

One could just as easily say God destroyed New Orleans to demonstrate to the country and the world the total incompetence of the Bush Administration. It makes about as much sense although the current administration is, quite obviously, totally incompetent.

Why would the President appoint someone like Michael Brown?#34;whose prior experience was running the International Arabian Horse Association?#34;to head FEMA?

A man who didn't have a clue that 15,000 people were stranded at the New Orleans Convention Center until Paula Zahn told him during a CNN interview.

God had nothing to do with what happened. Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon. They are fairly well understood by science. The weather service has become quite good at predicting their paths and intensity.

It was no surprise to forecasters that Katrina would explode to a category 4 or 5 storm when it hit the 90-degree water of the Gulf of Mexico.

This particular disaster was predicted. The National Geographic ran a story last October with the first several paragraphs eerily describing almost exactly what has happened. The New Orleans Times-Picayune ran a series in 2002 with similar predictions. Why were we not prepared?

Here's why:

We have an administration that cares more about giving tax breaks to rich people than it does about funding essential agencies like FEMA. We have an administration that sent essential National Guard troops to a war based on lies when they are desperately needed here.

To all those people who have strongly supported the President based on their fear of terrorism, how do you feel about the chances of a proper, prompt and effective response to an attack now?

Todd Bannor
Oak Park

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