Real fired employee supports an investigation


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I did not write the letter that was published about the terminated street sweeper, even though it was made to appear I wrote it ("Street sweeper's firing shouldn't be Milstein's concern," July 27). Evidence was given to the Journal that I did not write the letter after the letter ran.

As the letter said, I was part of the four-man crew that worked on his ex-wife's house and as it turned out, I was the only one of the crew that was terminated. Also as the letter further states, I was terminated for not reporting the work done on this house to village officials (none of the other men in the crew reported the work to village officials either).

This letter was actually written by a man that was also a part of the crew that did the work on the sweeper's ex-wife's house, but he wasn't terminated for that as his letter states. He and two other village employees were terminated two and a half months later when the village found out that they were being paid for side-jobs done on residents' homes and using village equipment and materials to complete the jobs. The story of these three terminations appeared in both local papers on May 22, 2002.

The thing that galls me the most about this letter is he didn't use his facts of his termination, but instead used the facts of my termination, signed his name to it and then, under the cloak of anonymity, asked that his name not be printed.

I suppose he couldn't tell the truth as to why he was terminated; that would make his credibility questionable and also guilty of theft himself. And yes, the village, as a rule, doesn't prosecute as evidenced by the fact that he is not in jail himself.

All the men who did the work on that particular house that day knew the facts. Mr. Diederich had a local plumbing contractor that would have done the work. However, management told him, "We take care of our own," and then ordered the work to be done.

While I may be sympathetic to Mr. Diederich's health problems, it is my belief Mr. Diederich trusted management and did not intentionally engage in any wrong doing at the taxpayers' expense.

Thanks, Bob, for your support in getting other trustees to ask questions about management's decisions. Please don't let that fraudulent letter published two weeks ago discourage the trustees' pursuit of the truth with an investigator.

Jerry Norman

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