Perry's deception: All that glitters ain't gold

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Texas Governor Rick Perry recently joined the race for the White House to the chagrin of the Democratic National Committee and with well-wishes of Republican conservatives and Tea Party coalitions nationwide.

His front-runner status comes at a price. Perry has the highest prison population in America. African-American males are the number one incarcerated group in this demographic. In fact, if Texas were a country, as Perry has often erroneously postulated, it would have the highest incarceration rate in the world. Despite adding more than 100,000 new prisoners in the past decade, Texas' crime rate has declined slower than any state in the union.

Consider this: Texas has the largest percentage of minimum-wage laborers (those making $7.25 or less), which allows him to perpetuate the myth that the Lone Star State is number one in job growth.

Texas ranks 47th in the nation with regard to its expenditures on public education. Texas ranks number one in the nation for levels of harmful toxic chemicals released into the air and water.

It is time for all Americans, Democrats and Republicans, to fight back when extremist candidates, like Rick Perry, rise to the level of the national spotlight with lies, half-truths, distortion of President Obama's record and outright deception. The United States of America deserves better!

Stanley G. Buford
Oak Park

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Dutch Elm  

Posted: August 29th, 2011 12:51 PM

Texas is a very entrepreneurial place loaded with small businesses. We have a little bit of Texas in Chicago. Drive west on throbbing 26th street in Little Village, where every square inch of real estate is occupied by a business. Then turn north and drive through Lawndale where there is almost no commercial activity of any kind. Pick your future.

Dutch Elm  

Posted: August 29th, 2011 12:49 PM

Lived in Texas nearly 20 years. Almost no safety net. Unemployment/Welfare benefits have been historically stingy. Also lower relative levels of public employment. So most have to work in private sector jobs. Texas is also the buckle of the Bible Belt. Self reliance is big in the churches. There is limited public transportation - so you have to drive and cars are expensive to own and maintain. There are virtually no incentives to be a slug. Most people tend to hustle. Texas is a v

Nelson Taruc  

Posted: August 26th, 2011 9:32 AM

Tom, I am sad. You still wrote mean words to Luke. This is not good. I sense there is good in your heart. Please be nice. I think you can do it.

Luke ScottWalker from Oak Park  

Posted: August 25th, 2011 11:38 AM

Yes, "dumb" people like George W Bush, w/a Yale undergrad and Harvard Masters degree! Look, you can disagree vehemently with someone's positions on issues, you can dislike their vocal style, etc, but attacking your opponents as "dumb", or "dolts" instead of engaging is reasonable, fact-based debate completely undermines your credibility. Of course, personal attacks are the Left's main weapon since their solutions usually don't hold up to objective scrutiny, but again, that's the Alinsky rule.

mv113 from OP  

Posted: August 25th, 2011 10:50 AM

If Republicans are so smart why do they nominate dumb people.

Luke ScottWalker from Oak Park  

Posted: August 25th, 2011 10:42 AM

Tom, here's some data from Prof. Jim Lindgren, law prof at Northwestern U and director of the Demography of Diversity Project, who is doing empirical research on conservatives and liberals in academia. "Republicans in the general public tend to be better educated than Democrats. In the 1994-2002 General Social Surveys (GSS), Repubs have over 6/10ths of a year more education on average than Dems. R's also have a higher final mean educational degree." There's more, not that it'll convince you.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: August 25th, 2011 9:43 AM

I am sorry for using big words Luke. I forgot I was talking to a republican. Next time I will stick to the monosyllabic.

Nelson Taruc from Oak Park  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 10:22 PM

Tom, may I kindly suggest that you pause for a moment, reread your comments, and make sure that in the future, "we are talking to each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds." Thanks in advance.

Luke ScottWalker from Oak Park  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 6:24 PM

...and Tom ( & Violet) retort straight from the Saul Alinsky playbook, as predictable as if he lived in Oak Park. Don't engage in dialogue, just personally attack your opponent and throw around big phrases like "cognitive dissonance". And since you choose not to notice, Republicans and conservatives DID correctly blame Bush for beginning this current overdose of spending. Remember 2006 and his 25% approval? They also correctly blame Obama for accelerating it beyond all reason.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 4:30 PM

And Luke, I can only hope, for the sake of the children, that you are not one of those many educators in Oak Park.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 4:27 PM

Ah the cognitive dissonance with today's republican voter is so thick you can cut it with a butter knife. Let me see if I get your "illogic" right. The four years of astronomical misery indexes under Reagan is all Carter's fault, but Bush had nothing to do with the current state of affairs. My god, its no wonder your candidates are such dolts. They lead a party of dolts.

Violet Aura  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 3:58 PM

Scary Perry is Dubya on steroids--'nuff said. But the only one making any sense on here is "Politics." The Obamabot and teabagger factions have spoken, but neither has a clue. If you are a true progressive, how could you POSSIBLY support anyone like Obama (or, as Hugo Chavez call him: "Bush with a tan")? He has been bombing Africans in Libya (and Somalia, too?), sticking his nose into other countries like Libya, Syria, etc., refuses to make the rich pay more taxes (& mentions shared sacrifice!)

Luke ScottWalker from oak park  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 3:43 PM

Sorry, Tom from RF. Revisionist history doesn't play well in a town with as many educators as Oak Park. Of course the Misery Index was higher under Reagan...he was cleaning up the mess left by Carter. It did, however, steadily decrease to the point of irrelevance. (that is, until now) Can't say the same about the current President. It's rising...Oh, and nice try with the Texas government jobs/stimulus creation folly. Wrong: it's low taxes, limited government, and sensible work rules.

Politics from Oak Park  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 11:21 AM

Stanley G. Buford, America always gets what it deserves so that's why Obama will win a second term.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 10:37 AM

Thanks Mr. Walker for one of the most ill-informed posts of the day. Couple of things about Perry. His job record is largely illusory. Most of the jobs he "created" were either government jobs or the direct result of Obama's stimulus legislation. Finally, here is an interesting tidbit on the misery index: the misery index in each of the first four years of the Reagan administration was higher than Obama's is now.

Luke ScottWalker from Oak Park  

Posted: August 24th, 2011 9:50 AM

Gee, Mr. Buford, a Perry candidacy must really have you worried to be started your fear mongering this early. Frankly, I'll take his job-creation record in Texas over the insipid, tax-tax-spend-and kickback policies of Quinn, Madigan, Harmon and the rest of the Illinois combine. I'll also fact-check your education claim, but Texas schools are better than those here regardless. As for President Obama's record, it's pretty hard to distort the 2nd coming of Jimmy Carter. Misery index, anyone??

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