Haley's personal attacks show he's the 'third rate sack'


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For at least the last 25 years, going back to his dismissal of Sara Bode as a "VMA workhorse," Dan Haley has been venting his anti-VMA views.

With his August 10 column ("VMA is whining, new board's weaving"), Dan has sunk to an all-time low that is an embarrassment to him, to this newspaper, and to the people of Oak Park. In his initial attack Dan said, "(Former Village President Larry) Christmas, as rigid and thin-skinned a public official as I've ever covered, ought not cast stones." As for the current board, Haley said that, "(Trustee) Geoff Baker ought really stop insulting the business community."

Commenting on the VMA, Haley complained of a "splitting headache as we all contemplate two years of sniping before the sad sack VMA assembles another third-rate slate of candidates to carry its tattered torch." A "tattered torch?" Now, there's a tortured alliteration. I've heard of a tattered banner, a tattered shirt, a tattered flag, and even a tattered newspaper, but never a tattered torch.

Larry Christmas shouldn't "cast stones," but Dan believes that he can, even at Christmas. Geoff Baker should stop "insulting the business community," but Dan can insult the VMA, its candidates, and its supporters, who for some unknown reason are always called "stalwarts."

Hey, it's Dan's newspaper and he can say what he wants to say. He doesn't have to support the VMA or its candidates. Of course, he doesn't. He doesn't have to display even a modicum of intellectual honesty. He can throw stones at people while telling them that they ought not throw stones. He can hurl insults at good people while telling others that they can't do the same.

He is Dan Haley! He doesn't have to withdraw his statements, rethink his positions, answer to anybody, or apologize for anything. It's his newspaper!

Dan, I am choosing to take your comments as an attack on me personally. As a VMA stalwart, I can take them no other way. I wonder how many others are doing the same? A third-rate sad sack? If the shoe fits, Dan, wear it.

Morris Seeskin
Oak Park

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