Confessions of a bored, housebound loser

Kristin Gehring's Big Week

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Well, we didn't actually go to see the summer musical at the high school last weekend, like we told you we were going to. We fear you might be sensing a trend, in terms of our not actually going to the events we say we plan to attend.

You would be right. It is time for us to "out" ourselves. We never go anywhere. No one ever wants to go anywhere with us. Our children have gotten too old to like any of our plans, and our husband would usually rather do something else. We don't have much of a life; you might as well know that right now. Any suggestions we make to you?#34;as far as potentially pleasing ways to pass the time?#34;should be understood as the last, pathetic gasps for recreation from a terminally bored yet housebound loser.

There. We feel much better, now that you know who you're dealing with. So. Have you already seen the current exhibit at The Art House (43 Harrison St.)? It's called Prisons of Your Own Device, and it's about the prisons we create in our own minds. If any of the rest of you guys ever feels like a social outcast, maybe you should make plans to meet us at the gallery, and we can see the show together. We might learn a thing or two about how to have more of a life. Don't worry about feeling awkward with us. We probably won't show up.

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