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OP R-ball

White Sox 19, Indians 12

(White Sox MVP: Charlie Hoffman)

Cardinals 30, Mets 8

(Cardinals MVP: Zach Mishoulam, 1st inning home run, great defense)

Marlins 22, Yankees 13

(Marlins MVP: Ryan Chapman, grand slam, 2 doubles, 5 runs scored; Yankees MVP: Gus Viise, first career triple, 2 RBIs)

A's 26, Blue Jays 26

(A's MVP: Desmond Bird-Murphy, 3 home runs; Blue Jays MVP: Jacob Zagone, clutch hit)

Devil Rays 22, Mets 14

Mariners 23, Reds 16

(Mariners co-MVPs: Matthew Dittmer, 4-for-4 and strong defense, and James Cousin, 3-for-4 with excellent fielding)

Padres 20, Mariners 3

(Padres MVP: Benji Ziegler, stalwart defense and base-running; Mariners MVP: Ceazar DePaoli, 1-for-2, tough defense at catcher and outfield)

Indians 21, Mets 13

(Indians co-MVPs: Reiny Rolock and Scott Kiefer, first career home run)

Devil Rays 24, White Sox 17

Cubs 30, A's 20

(Cubs MVP: Henry Johnson, 4-for-4, played 3 positions; A's MVP: Alex Todorovich, 3 hits, 3 runs scored)

Reds 25, Diamondbacks 24

(Reds MVP: Zack Smith, 3 hits, 1 home run, double play; Diamondbacks co-MVPs: Adam Lemke and Daniel Jenks)

Blue Jays 23, Cardinals 20

(Blue Jays MVP: Caleb Banholzer, tough defensive play; Cardinals MVP: Matthew Buchbinder, 3 home runs, triple)

Yankees 22, Mets 20

(Yankees MVP: Jace Ryniewicz, 3-for-3, 3 singles)

Padres 33, Reds 12

(Padres MVP: Jack "Dash" Guzzetta)

White Sox 25, Marlins 7

(White Sox MVP: Paul Clancy; Marlins MVP: Jack Newman, 2 home runs)

Cardinals 23, Diamondbacks 22

(Cards MVP: Matthew "Mo" Herbst, HR, smart, snappy defense; Diamondbacks co-MVPs: David Messina and Eric Mayer)

Devil Rays 20, Cubs 19

(Devil Rays MVP: Peter Griffin, beats the tag at home to secure the victory; Cubs MVP: Mason Banbury, grand slam, triple, double, double play)

White Sox 21, Mets 7

Padres 25, A's 7

(Padres MVP: Joey Cofsky)

Marlins 27, Blue Jays 13

(Marlins MVP: Max Nikolai, 2 home runs, outstanding defense)

Yankees 28, Reds 15

(Yankees MVP: Shawn Trimble, 3-for-4, 3 singles, 2 RBIs)

RF Rapids

U8 Girls Rapids 5, HSC Green 3

(Rapids Goals: Olivia Doyle 2, Sarah Sattler, Alexandra Kagan, Lindsey Shelstad; Assists: Sarah Sattler 2; Goalkeepers: Laura Tonino, Alexandra Kagan, Olivia Doyle, Julia Weiss)

U9 Girls Rapids 3, TCSA Shooting Stars 1

(Rapids Goals: Jenna Ronan, Kaitlin Price 2; Goalkeeper: Olivia Thompson)

U10 Girls Rapids 3, Elmhurst Travel 1

(Rapids Goals: Alicia Gerin, Annie Kelly, Maggie Blaha; Goalkeepers: Maddie Stupinski, Gabby Gadsby)

U11 Girls Rapids 1, LTSC Lions Blue 0

(Rapids Goals: Sanya Ivanovic; Goalkeepers: Carly Jones, Katy Oldach)

U11 Girls Rapids 5, Downers Grove Roadrunners 2

(Rapids Goals: Sanya Ivanovic 3, Nina Rossiello, Joy Dennis; Assist: Joy Dennis; Goalkeeper: Carly Jones)

U12 Girls Rapids 0, Trevian Blue 3

(Goalkeeper: Amanda McAndrews)

U12 Girls Rapids 2, Hinsdale 3

(Rapids Goals: Kate Dunaway, Zoe Swift; Goalkeeper: Amanda McAndrews)

U8 Boys Rapids Red 5, C/Stream Panthers 2

(Rapids Goals: Declan Levy 2, Johnathan Kagan, Ian Mahanes, Mavin Gill; Assists: Marty McAndrews, Q Drane

Goalkeepers: Q Drane, Marty McAndrews, Michael Coffey, Evan Thompson)

U8 Boys Rapids Black 0, Euro S.C. 4

(Rapids Goalkeepers: Harrison Engoren, Nicolas Saleh, Joey Pasternak)

U9Boys Rapids 0, Alithsa Red Devils 1

(Rapids Goalkeeper: Patrick Murphy)

U10 Boys Rapids 1, Palatine F.C. Dynamo Gold 1

(Rapids Goal: Jack Larocca; Assist: D.J. Arends; Goalkeeper: Colin Downey)

Rapids 2, Lombard Firebirds SC 1

(Rapids Goals: Max Menzies, Jack Larocca; Assists: Kevin Moore, Dylan Venerus; Goalkeepers: Colin Downey and Max Dahmani)

U12 Boys Rapids 3, Raiders S.C. Blue 1

(Rapids Goals: Delano Scaife, Tim Sutton, Thomas Lamm; Goalkeeper: Sam Euler)

U12 Boys Rapids 2, Hononegah Lions 2

(Rapids Goals: Thomas Lamm, Delano Scaife; Goalkeeper: Sam Euler)

U13 Boys Rapids 2, Elk Grove Arsenal 1

(Rapids Goals: Will Rigali; Goalkeepers: Ivan Znika, Tim Schmidt)

OPRF Strikers

U9 Boys 4, Dundee United 2

(Strikers goals: Jesse Kusimba, Eric Arsovski; Assists: Jesse Kusimba)

U10 Boys Navy 3, Roadrunners F. C. Gold 3

(Strikers goals: John Barkidjija, Levi Algozino, Luke Olson; Assists: John Barkidjija 2; Outstanding game: Will Criste, Ray Bargi)

Tinley Park Titans 4, U10 Boys Navy team 1

(Strikers goal: Luke Olson; Outstanding game: Conrad Wight, Joe Tortorice)

U10 Boys Orange 4, Fire Jr White (Wheaton) 2

(Strikers goals: Jacob Bevan 3, Ray Bargi; Assists: Andrew Galo, Jacob Bevan; Outstanding game: Jacob Bevan, Julian Neylan)

U10 Boys Orange 3, Hanson Park 0

(Strikers goals: Jacob Bevan 3; Assists: Okker Verhagen; Outstanding game: Julian Neylan, Darius Williams)

U10 Boys Orange 8, Sockers F. C. (Palatine) 2

(Strikers goals: Jacob Bevan 3, Patrick Yerkes 2, Darius Williams 2, Jose Chudoba; Assists: Julian Neylan 2, Jose Chudoba; Outstanding game: Jacob Bevan, Patrick Yerkes)

Firebirds 6, U11 Boys 2

(Strikers goals: Graham Joss, Zack Weigel; Outstanding game: Niko Philosophos)

U12 Boys 10, Bartlett Hawks 0

(Strikers goals: Jalen Ross 3, Andrew Morris 2, Jordan Metcalf 2, Malachy Schrobilgen, Stefan Segreti, Brendan Donley; Assists: Stefan Segreti 3, Brendan Donley, Francis Bourke, Daniel Varn)

Hononegah Lions 1, U13 Boys 0

Tinley Park Predators 4, U14 Boys Navy team 3

(Strikers Goals: Ben Keller, Joe Gerace, Tim Nutter; Assists: Noah Schaeffer, Joe Gerace, Ben Keller; Outstanding game: Tim Nutter)

U14 Boys Orange 3, Bloomingdale Lightening 1

(Strikers goals: Victor Vera 2, Graham Watt)

Carol Stream Gold 3, U14 Boys Orange Team 0

U16 Boys 4, Euro S. C. 1

(Strikers Goals: Daniel Finnegan 2, Nate Race, William Sears; Outstanding game: Daniel Finnegan)

U9 Girls 5, BTSC Hawks 0

(Strikers Goals: Lauren Wilkes, Tess Trinka 2, Gabrielle Barkidjija, Caroline Coughlan; Outstanding game: Emma Dunne)

TCSA Quiet Lightening 6, U10 Girls 2

(Strikers goals: Alex Fendrich 2; Outstanding game: Zoe Snelling)

U11 Girls 5, Crystal Lake Force 1

(Strikers goal: Michelle Heaphy, Gabrielle Klapman, Julia Levy, Angelina Santorio, Casey Tencate; Assists: Mikaela Gillman, Michelle Heaphy, Elizabeth Reyes, Casey Tencate; Outstanding game: Mikaela Gillman, Angelina Santorio)

U12 Girls 3, Darien Destroyers 0

U13 Girls 1, Rockford Siren S. C. 1

(Strikers goal: Grace Molek; Assist: Alex Neumann)

U14 Girls Navy 3, Glen Ellyn Raiders 2

(Strikers goals: Jenny Haas 2, Kaitlin Lisle; Assists: Gaby Davidson, Kaitlin Lisle; Outstanding Game: Jenny Haas)

U14 Girls Orange 1, TCSA Vikings 1

(Strikers goal: Casey Blaha; Outstanding game: Tasia Race)

U14 Girls Orange 2, HSC Green 1

(Strikers goals: Olivia Bird 2; Outstanding game: Rachel Huck)

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