OPRF parents and teachers should work together on TEAM


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As a former student of the Special Ed Program at the high school I really don't know much about the TEAM program. But seeing as there have only been viewpoints from parents, I thought I might add my two points.

As many have mentioned before, working with children with disabilities is hard. I myself was diagnosed with ADD because my mother happened to go to a conference about it (she is a teacher with Dist. 97). As a former student I can safely say that I was not personally abused by any of the Special Ed teachers. Instead I have been really close to my former case manager, and have asked her questions that the special area person at my collage could not answer.

I feel that the problem really begins in the lack of decent teachers in the elementary schools that come before the high school. These programs get very little support because there is no money in the elementary district to spread to the right places. I am in no way saying that the parents are wrong for saying there is abuse. That was (sadly to say) bound to happen at some point in the existence of the program. What I would challenge these parents to do is to work with these teachers to get the help they need. I know that that sounds like a duh statement but some times that's all that's needed to get things done. As a final thought I would also ask if any of these parents have petitioned their Senator or Congressmen to help our failing schools get the money they need to support the kind of training they need. There is federal funding out there that needs to be used while it still can be used other wise it will just disappear and no one will get anything out of it.

Lauren Wiese
Oak Park

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