Forget Bush and keep the dialogue local


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For many of us Mr. Trainor's columns in our local paper taking on the President and the Catholic Church seems to be like jousting with windmills. There are some local issues that could use lots of "dialogue" and editorial thought. These are issues where you could really make a difference.

First, there is that "education gap" that nearly polarizes part of the OPRF community and needs a solution. It was interesting to note that nearly 20 percent of the outstanding graduates at OPRF High School would be considered minorities. Some of these students will be off to Harvard, University of Chicago and other prestigious universities. Why not a "dialogue" with these students, perhaps some selected professors and leaders of the African American community to determine what measures might be initiated that could help close this "gap"? These students didn't just do well; they excelled under the OPRF administration that is often getting hammered. Perhaps they have some insights. During the many years that I have read about this problem, I have never seen WEDNESDAY JOURNAL jump into this fray with the energy and venom that it uses on the President and the Catholic Church. As responsible journalists for these communities, don't you owe them more then just printing various letters to the editor and viewpoints?

The other potential large problem is all the building in the Harlem/Lake area. It is fine with me. The problem becomes finding parking to be able to spend money in these local businesses. The other night just trying to find a parking space in order to go to dinner in the area was a nightmare. Sunday night, six o'clock and I end up on the second floor or the Holley Court parking garage. It seems that if the schedule is too compressed on all this construction, many of these small businesses may have to fold up. People will not come into this area for several years because of all the congestion.

Your journalistic muggings of the President and the Catholic Church give me indigestion. Sink your teeth into some stories where you can be an influence for the betterment of our communities.

Jack Flynn
River Forest

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