A fire ... and wedding ... to remember

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Editor's note: The following report was submitted by two 10-year-old WEDNESDAY JOURNAL carriers who were on hand during the excitement last weekend when a garage caught fire.

During Jason Vanderheyden and Ali Meyer's pre-wedding party, some teenagers were spotted playing with fire crackles at about 6:15 p.m. in the alley of the 200 block of Wesley and East. When Stacie and Mercy Vanderheyden went out to the alley, they saw teenagers playing with fire crackles. When the teenagers saw them, they started to run, continuing throwing fire crackles.

After they went back inside, a fire started to grow in the garage of 218 S. Wesley. Somebody across the alley saw it and called the fire department. After calling the fire department, he came to 214 S. Wesley where the party was being held, right next door to 218 S. Wesley. He warned us about it. He came to 214 S. Wesley instead of having to go around the block to tell 218 S. Wesley.

When the person who was the owner of 214 S. Wesley heard thisâ€"which was Jim Vanderheydenâ€"he came outside and ran to the alley. He ran back to his backyard and grabbed the hose. He told Jason Vanderheyden to turn it on. Jim was trying to get part of the fire out while waiting for the firemen to come, but when the hose had water running, the fire was big. It was too big for a little garden hose to get part of it out.

He told everyone to go out to the front, away from the fire because a car was in there with gasoline in it. When he got everyone to the front yard, the car had got on fire. The car made a little boom sound, not big though. The fire got real big with smoke going about 100 feet above. The telephone and cable wires got on fire, making the telephones and cable go out on the even side of Wesley and some of Pleasant.

Since the wind was blowing west, the garage behind it got on fire a little. The firemen came. It took what seemed to be a long time to put the fire out. The cable got fixed that night but the telephones didn't get fixed till the 3:30 p.m. the next day.

After the fire, Jason and Ali told everyone when they where going to get married, and they surprised everyone, telling them that they where going to get married that evening. They surprised their parents and got married in the living room of 214 S. Wesley.
Sarah Vanderheyden, Grace E. Wojack

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