If you want to judge inadequacies, start with Mr. Bush


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Wow, another letter from Susan Cross [Trainor's bridge building plea just inadequate rhetoric, April 13]. She thinks Ken Trainor has innumerable inadequacies. She seems to think herself a good judge of a person's adequacy. And, of course, she comes to the defense of Greg Saganich, a man who has never met a piece of misinformation he didn't like.

She is, while incorrect about Mr. Trainor, quite correct about Greg Saganich's service to his country in a combat zone. Greg volunteered to put his life on the line and in so doing is showing honor and bravery. He is to be commended.

Since Ms. Cross is such an expert on a person's adequacy, she may want to think back to an earlier time. A time when a war was raging in Vietnam. A time when thousands of young men were conscripted to serve there. A young man in Texas faced a similar choice. Volunteer to go there, or get drafted, or avoid going. What did he do? He joined the Texas Air National Guard where he knew he would never be called to serve in combat. Somehow he skipped to the head of the line, despite a score of 25 percent on the pilot exam!

It is interesting to ponder just what that young man would do today, since serving in the National Guard might actually increase one's chances of being sent into combat. Honor and bravery? In my opinion these are not prevalent character traits in the gentleman I'm speaking of.

I suggest that Susan Cross use her extraordinary powers of judging a person more liberally.

Todd Bannor
Oak Park

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