Trainor's bridge building pleajust inadequate rhetoric


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Ken Trainor's hypocritical comments on bridge building and truces have had a very short life span as evidenced by his column of March 2 in which he continues his insulting rhetoric directed against the President of the United States, George W. Bush. When, if ever, will Trainor accept the fact that Mr. Bush is our president for four more years and that John Kerry will never inhabit the Oval Office.

I was amused that he considered my remarks about him worthy of comment but his insults against Greg Saganich, now serving his country in Afghanistan and protecting the freedom of even people such as him are intolerable and exhibit a total lack of respect for the members of our armed forces. Greg accurately categorized Trainor as a whiner. Trainor will never cease to live in a fantasy land of his choosing where liberals rule.

It is possible that a dialogue between a conservative with a moderate or a liberal can take place but the burden of responsibility is that their differing points of view are aired in a rational manner, a concept that Trainor has yet to, and will never master. The inflammatory and disrespectful language which he constantly utilizes amply proves that it serves as a cover-up for his innumerable inadequacies.

Susan Cross
Oak Park

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