An open letter to village board candidates


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John Hubbuch, Columnist

Dear Vote Seekers,

We have another big election this April 5 and I am told by everyone that every vote counts and my vote is important. I'm therefore holding the John Hubbuch Forum. So, I would appreciate it if you would send me a letter telling me why I should vote for you. I will review these letters and pass them on to my friends. Be assured that my vote is an independent one. I voted for Bill Clinton and George W. the first time, but not the second. I guess I'm just easily disappointed.

In your letter, you won't need to address a number of issues including: diversity (that's why we live in Oak Park), sexual preference issues (so 90s), our village's place in the Universe (don't care) opening up Marion Street (whatever), how tall the Trader Joe's Tower should be (10, 13, 45 stories?#34;just pick one), or how many dogs for each household unless it is zero. (By the way, nothing is more important to my wife's vote than getting a Trader Joe's in Oak Park.)

Here's what I want to know.

First, what is your experience in working with groups? Did you or do you play team sports? If so, did you get along with the coach and your teammates? Were you a "ball hog"? Do you get along with your family? Do you have brothers or sisters with whom you haven't spoken for a number of years because you hate them, or they hate you? Assuming you have a job, do your co-workers invite you to after work activities, or are you shunned? Be honest.

Next, issues are important. Not that important because issues come and go over a four year period. I'm a big picture guy so let me get to the big picture. Oak Park is a very good place to live for lots of reasons including our economic, racial, social and political diversity. But, the Hinsdalization of our town with its soaring housing prices (a good thing, by the way) has begun and will continue to erode that diversity. Is there anything that can be done about it, or do I have to start tying my sweater around my shoulder, wear my collar up and call my wife "Binky." I would prefer not to do that.

Finally, just why are you doing this? Midnight meetings. Crazy citizens. Conflict. I was on District 97's Board from 1987-1991 and my stomach hurt for four years.

I don't want anyone with some "vision" as my trustee. Joan of Arc had a vision, and we all know what happened to her.

I won't vote for you if you're on some kind of crusade. This is Oak Park, not Jerusalem.

I won't vote for you if you're not humble. The tallest midget in Iowa is just the tallest midget in Iowa.

I won't vote for you if you don't treat your fellow board members with courtesy, respect and civility.

I won't vote for you if you won't regularly compromise and move on to the next issue.

The more I think about it, just how hard could it be to do this job. Soaring real estate prices, lots of new stores moving in, good schools, great public transportation and lots of smart people. All you have to do is use your best judgment and make decisions on what is best for the whole village relying upon capable staff working collegially with six other people elected just like you when almost everybody likes living where they do.

I will look forward to your letters. Thanks in advance for your participation in the John Hubbuch Forum.

Quasi-Sincerely, John

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