Frankly, WJ shouldn't expect more from the VMA


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"Frankly, we expect more from the VMA."

That was the headline on the lead editorial in the March 9 edition of WEDNESDAY JOURNAL. The commentary, among other points, took the Village Manager Association political organization to task for not running a higher-level 2005 village board election campaign. "If your candidates aren't good enough to publicly praise for more than two sentences, you shouldn't have slated them," the editorial read.

Most anyone who follows local political activities?#34;except for some newspaper editors, I guess?#34;should know that the 2005 "campaign" run by the VMA is typical of them.

This year the published attacks started about a month ago when a VMA supporter attacked the character of New Leadership Party presidential candidate Robert Milstein, and they have continued regularly through last week's attack by another VMA operative.

Milstein heads a slate that also includes Sharon Patchak-Layman for village clerk and three candidates for village trustee Geoff Baker, Martha Brock and Greg Marsey.

In contrast to the VMA, the New Leadership Party has avoided such a personal "campaigning" style. NLP?#34;in writing or when in personal contact with and listening to residents and voters?#34;prefers to stick to issues, to residents' concerns and to other important matters.

As for prior years, there are more than a few former candidates or campaign workers who have been smeared by the VMA and who can tell story after story about how attacking the "enemy" gains more campaign currency than issues or the stands of VMA candidates.

To expect any "more" strikes me as?#34;at least?#34;naive.

Eric Linden and Rae Kalin
Oak Park

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