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Harmon wants remake on flawed Conceal Carry law

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By Don Harmon

With a judicial gun to our heads, the Illinois General Assembly last year enacted a deeply flawed law allowing Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons in public. Mislabeled as a "compromise," the law is dangerously lenient. It also takes authority away from local governments and police chiefs to take actions they believe are necessary to protect their communities.

I voted against this flawed legislation. Even though we were operating under a mandate from a federal appeals court to allow concealed weapons in Illinois, the General Assembly went too far. 

I will work with colleagues during the current legislative session to restore some measure of balance to a law that jeopardizes public safety. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has reported that of nearly 9,500 county residents who applied for five-year concealed carry permits since early January, 300 had records for domestic violence, gang activity, gun crimes, sex crimes, burglary and other criminal activity.Yet, the Illinois State Police had given initial approval to all but five of those applicants for concealed carry (Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 12, 2014).

One of the especially objectionable provisions of the law requires property owners who want to keep guns off their property to post signs expressly saying guns aren't allowed. That's backwards. Businesses welcoming guns should be the ones posting signs – not those who don't want them in their establishments.

The new law also requires signs be posted at schools, parks, libraries, museums, and zoos, on the CTA and Metra—even though the law prohibits concealed weapons in all those places.  I would expect most churches and temples—in which the law inexplicably allows concealed guns—to post signs as well. The same goes for restaurants. We will see these "no guns allowed" signs everywhere.

While you won't have to post one of these signs at your own home, the presumption remains that a gun owner can carry a concealed gun anywhere there is no sign.  Unless you post a sign or tell your houseguest to leave his gun in the car, he can carry it into your living room without telling you.

Since the concealed carry law took effect, I've been getting a lot of questions about where guns are allowed and where they aren't. So let's simplify the situation for 

everyone. I've introduced legislation – Senate Bill 2669 -- that essentially says to churches, restaurants, and business owners: "Post a sign if guns are welcome. No sign? No guns."

I received a call this week from an Oak Park mom troubled by having to explain to her six-year-old why there were suddenly pictures of guns everywhere.  I'm told psychiatrists and psychologists are investigating the effects of the visual bombardment we will endure, particularly on our children. Senate Bill 2669 might address that risk.

The Oak Park/River Forest Chamber of Commerce is hearing from some businesses that don't want individuals to carry weapons in their stores and restaurants, but are hesitant to put up a sign that might offend some customers.

Says Erin Hill, an Oak Park business owner and Chamber member, "Individuals should have express permission to carry a concealed firearm into others' private property—home or otherwise."

Amen to that.

Senator Don Harmon, a lifelong Oak Parker, is a Democrat representing the 39th Illinois Legislative District. He is President Pro Tempore of the Illinois Senate.

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Larry from Oak Park  

Posted: February 27th, 2015 7:57 PM

You actually think the little 'magic signs' are worth worrying about? Have you ever-EVER-heard of one stopping a criminal? Oh, and that 'judicial gun to the head'? That was called 'The Constitution'; you should really read it, since it was written to protect us from people EXACTLY LIKE YOU.


Posted: January 23rd, 2015 1:01 AM

Why are handguns not allowed to be carried into the offices at the NRA national headquarters? Seems like the one place where people would be welcome to visit armed and fully loaded ought to be the hallowed halls of those champions of our 2nd amendment rights and the chief lobbyists for the gun manufacturers and dealers. Why are there even restrictions on carrying weapons into government buildings and courtrooms in Washington DC? GOP leaders need to demand all bans are lifted and guns be allowed


Posted: January 22nd, 2015 11:51 PM

You, sir, should be stripped of your political office as you clearly haven't the slightest inkling of intelligence. If it weren't for the judicial mandate, Illinois would still be the lone state that denies the second amendment right to its citizens. In case you forgot, you were elected to represent we the people, and we the people retain the right to protect ourselves regardless of your liberal and convoluted drivel. Have you been to Chicago lately? Go back to your ivory tower.

David A. Toth  

Posted: December 25th, 2014 5:34 PM

Wouldn't be nice if everyone, particularly the criminially minded, followed all laws! No violence, no law breaking! Since this is the real world and since we do have a constitution, the assumption that one has the right to be armed should not need special announcement!


Posted: December 22nd, 2014 12:10 PM

If signs were really effective, why not just post them at the airports?

Steve Johnson  

Posted: December 17th, 2014 7:02 PM

Well I see we have yet another talking head.It would be a welcomed break if people would stop voting for dolts.

ReallyGuy? from Chicago  

Posted: December 6th, 2014 1:17 PM

People actually voted for this idgit?


Posted: July 7th, 2014 10:58 AM

you anti-gun politicians are extremely manipulative. People have the RIGHT to own guns and protect themselves. Police do not have any duty or obligation to protect individuals. They only serve and protect the community. If you really think about it, since we have to defend ourselves wherever we go, the only places guns should be prohibited is where bad guys are checked for weapons, (ie: courthouses and airports), and there is additional security in place. Guns are tools of safety, not death


Posted: June 24th, 2014 6:29 PM

The legislation addresses HOW private and public entities are to inform the general public that concealed carry is not allowed on their grounds. A coffee shop, for instance, gets to kick them out not have them arrested for coming in with a gun.


Posted: June 24th, 2014 6:24 PM

Bill Doogan: it's criminal to have a gun where there is a no guns sign?!?!? Please enlighten me to where I can read that information. Is it criminal also to walk into 7-11 with no shoes and no shirt? No it isn't. It is criminal not to leave when they tell you that you are no longer welcome. Comedians like you continue to try to mix cops into this debate when cops have been avid defenders of conceal carry throughout the controversy.

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: June 24th, 2014 12:37 PM

Make that "have not"

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: June 24th, 2014 12:36 PM

Well Dave, then you have seen many stupid comments in your life, pal. The Firearm Concealed Carry Act, para. (a-10) states: "The owner of private real property of any type may prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms on the property under his or her control." Please show us all how that wording in any way prohibits a property owner from having a weapon of his/her own on the premises. Quote from law, please.

Brian from Oak Park  

Posted: June 24th, 2014 12:27 PM

Dominick Ahrens - great reply. It is obvious Mr. Harmon is only trying to stir up his base with this obviously unconstitutional recommendation. Mr. Quinn is in a world of hurt for the Fall election with his anti-violence program and like a good soldier, Mr. Harmon is trotting out rhetoric which has no chance of ever passing, but sounds good.


Posted: June 24th, 2014 10:59 AM

Bill Dwyer, that may be the stupidest comment I've ever seen. The presence of a no guns sign makes it illegal to carry a weapon, yes that also applies to the owner of the business. If you think some anti-gun idiot that is stupid enough to post a no guns sign for his customers is also going to be violating the law to carry a gun himself you need to stop and rethink that. And about the bank comment. Banks aren't prohibited locations. Unless they put a sign up, you can carry in a bank anytime.


Posted: May 22nd, 2014 8:52 AM

Let's use this meaningless issue to distract from the incredibly high taxes in Illinois that Don Harmon only wants to make worse. Tax, tax, tax. Guns are a non-issue in general except to those who want to distract from the real issue: fiscal negligence.

Jim from Oak Park  

Posted: May 22nd, 2014 6:13 AM

Actually, it doesn't matter to me what signs businesses post. Unless they're going to guarantee my safety while I'm there, I'm bringing my gun in, and they have nothing to say about it, because they won't know I have it. Since they won't protect me, I will. "Gun-free" businesses should be sued vigorously every time they fail to protect their customers from being injured or killed by criminals. Hit them in the pocketbook, and they'll start thinking smarter.

Cannie Ware from Rockford, Illinois  

Posted: May 19th, 2014 4:35 PM

This oped signifies whats wrong with this state like no other. Politicians that do not listen to their constituents. They only listen to the party bosses. I've got news for you Mr. Harmon, there a FEW prohibited signs around our town. Only figures you would use a fictional 6 year old to bolster your weak and invalid rhetoric. Shame on you!

James D Harris from Greenville  

Posted: May 17th, 2014 10:36 AM

You're one of the reasons why I vote Republican anymore.

Molon Labe from Chicago  

Posted: May 16th, 2014 2:48 PM

Harmon, you are ridiculous. You are a democrat, and therefore used to the nonsense and half truths you disperse. Those of us who are not plantation democrats, do not put up with your nonsense. When you and your untrustworthy ilk disarm all gang members (who by the way don't have FOIDs), and stop attacking law abiding citizens who are NOT criminals, maybe we will hear your voice. But for now, all I hear is the braying of a liberal donkey.

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: April 14th, 2014 1:00 PM

What a confused and silly comment, Rich. The presence of a 'no guns' sign at a business doesn't necessarily mean the business owners aren't armed. Only that they don't allow people to enter THEIR property with a gun. You're not allowed to carry a gun into a bank. Are you never going to go to a bank again? Or a a hospital, schools, doctor's office, etc, etc.

Brian Slowak from Oak Park  

Posted: April 14th, 2014 12:46 PM

@Mike fromj Davis junction: Please post your address so we may monitor your success..

Proud Mann Parent from Oak Park  

Posted: April 14th, 2014 12:21 PM

You're going to actually put a sign on your house indicating you are unarmed? Brave man....

Mike from Davis junction  

Posted: April 14th, 2014 12:12 PM

Nothing makes concealed carry look like a worse idea than reading the views of its supporters. I happened upon this site because I am planning to put "no guns" signs on my house and was wondering about the legalities of the idea. I would encourage everyone who is in favor of keeping Illinoisans safe from guns-crazed paranoids to post "no guns" signs wherever you are entitled to. Maybe the message would get heard if we all had stickers in our windows.

Rich from Oak Park  

Posted: April 4th, 2014 10:52 AM

I will never step foot in a business in Oak Park which has a sign banning guns posted. That is a welcome sign for criminals.


Posted: March 9th, 2014 9:49 PM

Vote Bob Galhotra if you are tired of Harmon. Bob supports legalization Colorado-style

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: March 9th, 2014 1:19 PM

The people of Oak Park would have to be insane to re-elect Harmon.

J from Anywhere near & far  

Posted: March 5th, 2014 6:27 AM

In Alaska, a 'no firearms' sign would mean the business would become defunct in a heartbeat. When in Oak Park, any business that puts up the "no firearms" sign will not get my business - period. That counts for when I am carrying or not. Why anyone - including legislators - would want to encourage a law abiding citizen to keep a handgun in the car where it is not being protected and monitored by the owner is the silliest thing.

Dreamer from Oak Park  

Posted: March 4th, 2014 6:08 PM

"Gun to your head?"You had twenty years to come up with something better,but in your arrogant obstinence,and elitist belief that you know better than the people what is good for them(what should be covered in MY health care plan)you stalled and refused to come up with a bill until ordered to do so.No one to blame but yourself.

Harmon's Mom  

Posted: February 28th, 2014 2:23 AM

What a useless and stupid little man.

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: February 25th, 2014 10:30 PM

"Another citizen? from Chicago." If you're from Chicago, you should know John Cullerton is Illinois Senate President, not Don Harmon. At least according to all the Chicago media and the Illinois Senate website. So, who exactly should be embarrassed about what here?

Another citizen... from Chicago  

Posted: February 25th, 2014 9:46 PM

Quibbles on signs? Thats it? This guy is the Illinois Senate President...all citizens of Oak Park, and especially Democrats should be embarrassed to have him speaking for you. Read here for a better deconstruction with facts, rather than the vague hearsay and fuzzy stats this pol presents.

Stu Chisholm from Roseville, MI  

Posted: February 25th, 2014 4:39 PM

His basic premise isn't wrong: the law does not increase danger. Guns are already being carried, but now by only the lawless. The law allows the LAW ABIDING to be armed. Now, which group do you trust more? Which one is most likely to cause trouble? It seems some politicians just never learn.

Mina Smith from Chicago  

Posted: February 25th, 2014 4:11 PM

I was an Oak Park resident for a few years when I was younger. With guys like him in charge now I remember why I had to move out to find a Man to marry ... lots of light in loafers in Oak Park. And no, I'm not talking about gays.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: February 22nd, 2014 12:55 PM

@COunt Zero The DOJ statistics report that that guy with the illegal gun does a crime every 18 days. If you catch him on his first time out (Improbable) and put him away for 10 years that would be 200 crimes thad don't happen, 200 police reports that don't happen, 200 court costs that didn't happen not to mention the property loss and personal injury that was prevented. That looks like a reasonable me. If the guy is a minority - who cares?

C0untZer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 21st, 2014 12:47 PM

What is happening is gang members are getting caught with illegal firearms - meaning the person does not have a valid FOID, and obviously does not have a carry license, and usually the firearm is stolen, and they are allowed to plea bargain, and then SURPRISE SURPRISE, they use a firearm later to rob and or kill someone. SB1342 was specifically designed to stop that and put these very dangerous people away so they wouldn't harm others in society. Seems more worthy of attention than some signs.

Larry from Again  

Posted: February 21st, 2014 5:12 AM

"I'm told psychiatrists and psychologists are investigating the effects of the visual bombardment we will endure, particularly on our children." Please cite these investigators; otherwise, I'm calling total BS. Stop LYING to get your way, Mr. Harmon.

Larry from Around Here from Nearby  

Posted: February 21st, 2014 5:09 AM

It must take hard work and determination to avoid having the actual facts-you know, hard data-derived from 49 other states implementing CCW laws, impact your world view. The fact is, CCW makes us safer-ALL of us, not just the carriers. It's amazing that some people manage to continually ignore that because of their personal idealogy, like Harmon is doing here. Welcome to our 'Constitutional Republic', Mr. Harmon. We like it; you might too, if you learn how it works. Larry

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 10:08 PM

Ward's two year probation for the weapons violation was due to a plea deal when he was 18 years old. That deal allowed the states attorney's office and court system to avoid the expense of a trial. If Ward had faced prison, it's a safe bet he never would have pled out. I favor mandatory minimums for some felonies, but any such law will not work with many plea bargains, especially with a first time, non-violent felony case. That's not Harmon's fault, much as you'd like to blame him.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 8:54 PM

Michael Ward - charged with murder in the killing of Hadiya Pendleton was on probation for a weapons conviction at the time of Hadiya's murder. Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said "This incident did not have to occur, and if mandatory minimums existed in the state of Illinois, Michael Ward would not have been on the street to commit this heinous act." SB1342 would have increased penalties and time served for repeat offenders of weapons convictions. Harmon didn't sign onto it

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 8:53 PM

Instead of supporting tough anti-crime bills, Senator Harmon spends his time and energy worrying about little signs in store windows.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 8:35 PM

We've seen 40 years of pouring billions of dollars into the worse parts of the city with every type of social spending imaginable - from welfare, after school programs, food stamps, utilities assistance and, endless community programs... It goes on and on, all in the name of helping the underprivileged, and promising to break the cycle of poverty. And 40 years later Chicago is a shining example of the absolute failure of all this social spending.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 8:33 PM

But there is no way that the democrats can admit that their ideology is flawed and their grand plans have failed. They can't actually arrest and incarcerate the criminals that they promised wouldn't exist if we just gave them our money to let them work their sociological magic. They can't arrest them and actually sentence them because they have no where to put them... Earmarking money for prisons would be an absolute admission of failure on their part.

Bill Dwyer  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 4:57 PM

Wow, C0unt Zer0 from DuPage. Stiffer criminal penalties for people who've already shown a propensity to commit crimes. That's only been tried for what? 40 years? You'd be one of the first to bitch about the higher expense.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 4:19 PM

What has Harmon done to affect crime in Oak Park? He can't at the same time claim to be a "man of the people" stepping in to solve this terrible problem of the gun signs, while saying he can't do anything at all about crime in Oak Park. He took action on signage but not on criminal law? He had a chance to sponsor SB1342 which would have increased penalties and time served for repeat offenders of weapons convictions. Harmon didn't sign onto that bill, he was too busy worrying about signs.

OP Resident # 545 from Oak Park  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 4:12 PM

Tom from RF...apples & patio furniture, but nice try though.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 3:45 PM

What I hold Harmon responsible for is a lack of focus and a lack of priorities. He spends his time writing articles about hypothetical scary signs when a little girl almost got kidnapped in Oak Park yesterday. Wake up...


Posted: February 20th, 2014 2:45 PM

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage __ You consistently hold Don Harmon responsible for crime in Oak Park. Its inappropriate to do so as Harmon is a legislator who has not altered any laws against abduction or shooting people. Those crimes remain illegal under his watch. If he were in fact responsible for Oak Park's crime rate you would need to be congratulating him as Oak Park presently has its lowest crime rate in 40 years. (

Dominick Ahrens  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 8:15 AM

James Nagle - did I say that private property owners should not have the right to post? I did not, did I. Please do not put words in my mouth. As we all know, if you want to hear real whining one needs to look no further than the Chicago Machine Democrats since December 11, 2012 and all the people who wish to see the average person rendered defenseless in the purported name of "safety".

Brian Slowiak from Oak Park  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 7:57 AM

What is the civil liability issue for a business who refuses to allow firearms on the premise? Isnt a business responsible for the safety of its patrons? So I disarm to go a place w/a sign, get robbed inside (or worse) does the business take care of my injury and loss? Especially since the business w/a sign will not allow armed security officers on site.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 7:33 AM

Attempted Child Abduction: But never mind that - Harmon wants people to worry about the trauma that children might be inflicted with by looking at "No Guns Allowed" signs. He is pressuring shop owners to post the signs and then saying that the signs might traumatize kids just by them looking at the signs. Meanwhile he is silent about the real danger to our kids.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 20th, 2014 4:16 AM

This is your senator - the fact that criminal predators coming into Oak Park are already unlawfully armed with knives and bludgeons doesn't bother him - not a word about that from Don Harmon, but the prospect that an individual might take personal responsibility for their safety is intolerable to him. The issue really is about power and where power resides and who gets to exercise power. Harmon does not want individuals exercising power that he thinks should belong to government only.

Tom from River Forest  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 10:19 PM

So op resident, do yo give the same absolute deference to Roe v, Wade?

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 9:51 PM

The real dangers to Oak Park citizens are the one's that have already happened, and continue to happen - muggings, robberies, sexual assaults and home invasions. These are the dangers that the senator conveniently leaves out of his article. Oak Park residents are many more times likely to be mugged, robbed and or assaulted by criminals than they are ever likely to be harmed by a law-abiding conceal carry licensee.

Lee Cruse from Corinth  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 9:48 PM

Here in Texas, the number of businesses that have the 30.06 no gun allowed signs are well less than 1/2 or 1% of the businesses. Also, most businesses that post signs usually do not last long enough for the paint to dry. Most people will not risk going into No Gun Zones, our lives are worth more than that.

OP Resident #545 from Oak Park  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 8:58 PM

So, Senator, simply following the US Constitution is akin to "a judicial gun to our heads"?? Really?...and cue the disingenuous insertion of the anonymous mom and her six year old, along with the predictable "psychological impact". Most states have done this successfully. Emulate them.

Oak Parker from Oak Park  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 7:42 PM

Great idea Sen. Harmon. Totally in favor of this policy.

tim from winfield  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 7:07 PM

Well there are 49 other states that allow concealed carry, and none of them are crying. Let's get with the times and with the rest of the United States. How about you read the 2nd amendment while you're busy boo-hooing to your constituents.

Uncommon Sense  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 4:10 PM

Facts and logic don't matter to the gun grabbers. They have in their mind that there will be shoot outs at high noon on Lake Street. No amount of evidence to the contrary will change their position.

Michael Duff from Morris  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 4:08 PM

Ah yes, another idiot politician from Cook County I presume, trying to make it nearly impossible to go anywhere concealed because then we all will be safer from the good people with guns. HOW BOUT LAWS THAT WORK FOR THE BAD GUYS? Politicians in this state are really out of touch and stupid. Are the other 49 states all out killing each other because of concealed carry? NOPE, THEY ARE NOT! Because conceal carry WORKS! Politicians DO NOT want GOOD PEOPLE to be able to protect themselves

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 3:38 PM

It is so ridiculous. What will the signs accomplish, or flip-flopping the law like Harmon wants? Keep law abiding gun owners out, but it won't affect felons carrying guns, knives and other deadly weapons. Don't think you have felons carrying concealed weapons in Oak Park? Check your crime portal website:

Dan from Lake Zurich  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 3:20 PM

Read the law Senator. The applicant must: Is not prohibited under federal law from possessing or receiving a firearm Have not been convicted or found guilty in Illinois or any other state of: A misdemeanor involving the use or threat of physical force or violence to any person within the last 5 years 2 or more violations related to driving while under the influence of alcohol, other drug or drugs, intoxicating compound or compounds, or any combination thereof, within the last 5 years

David Busby from Effingham  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 3:00 PM

If Senator Harmon had his way, there would be no concealed carry in IL. Now he wants to pass more laws to make concealed carry more difficult. This bill is a terrible idea. We need more freedom, not less.

Charlie Rossiter from Oak Park  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 1:08 PM

This is a superb idea.

Bill Doogan  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 11:42 AM

No need to attack Sen. Harmon. Criminal penalties for gun free zones were put in the carry bill by Rep. Brandon Phelps & NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde. Entering a gun free zone is a Class B Misdemeanor (6 mo. jail) for 1st offense. Class A (1 yr. jail!) for 2nd offense. Plus the new "crime" of Duty to Inform that Vandermyde put in HB183. Since violations of gun free signs are criminal, cops have an excuse to use force when arresting armed citizens. Phelps & Vandermyde work hard for NRA.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 9:28 AM

What will make people safe in Oak Park? Signs? Lack of signs? People should look at Oak Park's crime portal and ask Don Harmon why he has been so silent on real crime but so outspoken about imaginary problems:

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 9:06 AM

Much ado about nothing The real issue is people trying to use government as a proxy to enforce their will on others. Petulant because they've been told that their ideas violate other peoples rights, they're all in a tizzy about posting signs to make another run at trying to control others and bring them back into compliance where the masses will let government take care of protecting people - as it should be. The real crimes that are committed are ignored while Don Harmon prattles about signs

Nelson Muntz  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 9:03 AM

Ha Ha! Suck on it and like it, Harmon. Sore loser. Now, go back to toadying for Madigan.


Posted: February 19th, 2014 8:55 AM

Dominick has it right. You have no one to blame but yourself, Senator. You could have passed a restrictive "may issue" bill years ago. You could have taken the issue seriously and started working on legislation after the court ruling...but you didn't-and this is what you got. Serious question--Have you even looked at the experience of other states in implementing CCW to see what works and what doesn't work? It is mind boggling you havent


Posted: February 19th, 2014 8:49 AM

Sen. Harmon--50 other states have gone through this without the sky falling down or homicide rates increasing. I do agree with you, however, that the signs do make Oak Park Ave. look like Beirut. It implies that something bad has happened. The solution, of course, is for businesses not to post. Again, you are more likely to be shot by someone without a permit than you are by someone with a permit.

Dan in Oak Park  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 8:34 AM

+1 to BShawn. Our American legal system assumes what is not prohibited is allowed and requires notice. I almost feel sorry for the Senator who is trying to appeal to his base with the most go against the grain idea I can recall. Better to improve the law by giving business owners who post a NGA sign immunity from liability when customers are involved in a use of force incident. Will the trial lawyer base allow it?

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 7:49 AM

" I'm told psychiatrists and psychologists are investigating the effects of the visual bombardment we will endure, particularly on our children" Have the kids been keeling over when they pass by the Oak Park Theater and see the poster for RoboCop ? OH THE TRAUMA !

Brian Slowiak from Oak Park  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 7:34 AM

@ Jamees Nagel: "You have no constitutional right to carry a gun on private property.Period" Private property being my home in contrast to a place of business open to the public.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 7:12 AM

People in Oak Park traumatized annually by signs - 0 People in Oak Park traumatized annually by violent crime - 116 You have to wonder where Don Harmon's priorities are...

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 7:09 AM

What has Harmon done about crime? The democrats have been in control of Illinois and total control of Oak Park for decades and their policies for reducing crime have been an absolute failure. We hear him blathering about the hypothetical harm "scary signs" may do, but when someone actually gets robbed or raped in Oak Park he doesn't utter a peep. He's more concerned about hypothetical signage than real crimes where Oak Park citizens have suffered actual harm.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 6:50 AM

The hypocrisy here and the misdirection, is that Harmon doesn't want to talk about crime in Oak Park. Concealed carry hasn't even been implemented yet, no one has been issued any permits. Is Oak Park safer now then when Don Harmon was elected? People's homes are being burglarized in Oak Park, people are being robbed in Oak Park but Don Harmon wants to talk about signs. None of the machine democrats want to talk about crime because they have an abysmal record of dealing with it.


Posted: February 19th, 2014 6:42 AM

@Brad Ottoson - you could hanga copy of the Constitution of the United States on the wall. That might serve as the sign that it is OK for the author to express his opinion. A lot of the gun rubbers that favor the elimination of gun regulation refer to the Constitution quite a bit - one of them could probably spare a copy for you.

C0unt Zer0 from DuPage  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 6:32 AM

A "Judicial Gun" was held to your head? Illinois in general and Oak Park and Chicago specifically have been violating the civil rights of its citizens for decades, the right to exist, the right to defend one's self and the right to be armed for the purpose of self defense are basic human rights. When the Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals finally over turned these human rights violations Harmon characterizes it as "a judicial gun" being held to his head. What arrogance.

Brad Ottoson from Alexis  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 1:28 AM

Where's the sigh that says its OK for the author to express his silly basackward opinion, and "bombard" me with his stupidity?

BShawn from Chicago  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 12:21 AM

My point is, it is 'standard' that we post things that aren't allowed, because posting things that ARE allowed would be a MUCH LONGER LIST. Why should the carriage of firearms be any different? My point exactly, it shouldn't! Back to sarcasm for those that understand and speak sarcasm: Maybe we should assume breathing is not allowed unless the business we enter posts a sign stating it's OK to breathe in their establishment...

BShawn from Chicago  

Posted: February 19th, 2014 12:13 AM

I think this is EXCELLENT logic! We should also remove all the NO SMOKING signs, and presume that smoking is not allowed anywhere except where a sign WELCOMING smoking is posted. While we're at it we should also remove all NO PARKING signs and presume that you cannot park ANYWHERE there isn't a sign welcoming parking. Same for trespassing signs! And so on and so on. (hopefully your sarcasm detector went off in full tilt when reading this post!)

James Nagle from Oak Park  

Posted: February 18th, 2014 11:54 PM

@Dominick--want some cheese with that whine? You have no constitutional right to carry a gun on private property. Period.

BShawn from Chicago  

Posted: February 18th, 2014 11:51 PM

If by "dangerously lenient." you mean the most strict in the nation in terms of, we have the MOST training, 16 HOURS, then sure, I guess that's "pretty lenient"... Do not dare venture to other states where they may require only 4 hours of training, or, wait for it, NO hours of training... Also better stay out of the states that do not even require a PERMIT to carry! So, where will you vacation, only in IL?

Dominick Ahrens  

Posted: February 18th, 2014 11:42 PM

"I voted against this flawed legislation" - as well as every other bill that could possibly be considered "pro-gun" during his entire career. So while we're on the topic, whose fault is this bill? Cook County machine Democrats (like Harmon), who could have passed any of the 32 concealed carry bills since 1993. Instead, their "compromise" was to allow the law abiding citizens to be legislatively designated victims with no means of self defense, only dragged kicking & screaming into acceptance of the 2nd Amendment as an individual right by the US courts. They could have passed HB997 rather than load it full of poison pill amendments, forcing the legislature to post 183 as a last minute substitute, with 91 separate actions, hearings in both houses & passage all in a single day. "Measure of balance" by Senator Harmon's comments & history would be to repeal the entire law, and going to a "mother may I" policy to exercise a right. As for one's criminal history, I was taught in grade school, high school, college & the police academy someone is not considered guilty until a court has decided it. I feel safe knowing that wise men like Sheriff Dart & Senator Harmon can determine guilt or innocence without the need for a trial. Why not adjust our entire system of jurisprudence accordingly? If the good Senator is truly worried about the "visual bombardment" of weapon imagery, shall we expect his next bill to restrict the 1st Amendment (as he would enjoy eviscerating the 2nd) to protect "the children" by prohibiting ads for movies with firearms? If this "mommy" really does exist, I doubt there is enough Xanax or therapy in the world to assuage her unsubstantiated fears and let her actually be able to function in our society. If CCW really was a problem, wouldn't it have been shown in all the other states that have it? Wouldn't we have seen mountains of statistics? Instead we have fear mongering anecdotes from someone who never supported the concept. This is my s

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