Q: What do WJ and Sun-Times columnists have in common?


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A: Angry letters from Greg Saganich

A quick read of Neil Steinberg's column on Friday made us feel a little better (or maybe worse?) that perhaps Oak Park's fiestiest conservative letter writer, Greg Saganich, doesn't just bombard Ken Trainor with hostile, expletive-ridden letters.

Steinberg writes:

"In one sense it is good that George Bush won," said my colleague Zay Smith [the husband of Susy Schultz, editor of our sister publication, Chicago Parent]. "When you consider how bitter and angry his supporters are?#34;imagine what they'd be like if they lost."

I nodded in agreement. I cannot explain the vindictive screeds that keep coming a month after the election. Take this from Greg Saganich, of Oak Park, "veteran, taxpayer, conservative and supporter of the United States of America."

I've cleaned it up to be published in a family paper:


"Eat [excrement] you little left wing liberal weenie. If it weren't for President Bush and this administration, America would have seen more attacks from our enemies.

"You crying, whining little loser. Like all your left wing liberal friends, you are sitting in the corner, bawling your eyes out, searching for relevance since your crushing defeat on Nov. 2 and the repudiation of your whole agenda by Real America, which showed its confidence, trust, faith and support for President Bush?Tom Ridge helped to protect this country for years, and you owe him your [bird poop] little [posterior]; as you write your smarmy [female anatomy] column from the safety of your nice, warm, safe, cuddly little office . . .

Well, it goes on from there, but you get the picture. Zay's right. Better to lose to these people than to get them angry.

A brief sample sent to Ken Trainor:

"I stopped gloating long enough to read your column. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You big baby! You sound like a whiney, crybaby who just dumped a load of [expletive] into your diapers and now your are going to sit in the corner and whine and cry and scream until someone changes you!"

?#34;Katharine Grayson


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