Get a grip! The Booster Club is not the devil


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Thank you for providing a venue for the exchange of ideas to our community. I am writing in response to your most recent letter from Patricia McMillen and Sam Bader [Booster Club's high-pressure tactics resented by neighbors, Viewpoints, Dec. 14].

The purpose of this letter is not to discuss the advantages or disadvantages associated with the addition of lights to the football stadium. That is what public forums have addressed and will address. Over the past years, members of the community have approached the Huskie Booster Club regarding lights and their desire to install them. The idea that the Huskie Booster Club is now being demonized for simply asking the OPRF High School Board of Education to consider lighting the stadium is completely absurd.

Ms. McMillen and Mr. Bader complete their letter by questioning the Huskie Booster Club's interests in this matter. The club has only one interest: We raise money for the purpose of improving the high school experience for all students.

The democratic process is in full application at this time. The club has brought a topic for consideration by our elected officials and those who oppose the lights imply that the club has taken sides with all that is wrong with the world.

The truth is, the Huskie Booster Club raised over $130,000 last year and distributed the funds throughout the institution. Much to the surprise of those who feel we cater to athletics, less than 10 percent of the appropriations the previous year went to athletic requests. This year's allocations are ongoing. The reputation of the club is unquestionable. To besmirch the club for its offer to light the stadium is not fair to the club or the hundreds in the community who support it.

The final decision rests with the elected officials. I am confident that all opinions will be considered in the process. In the event that the OPRF school board chooses not to proceed with the project, the Huskie Booster Club will continue to provide "Those Things That Are Best" to the students.

At this time, I ask all those involved to keep the discussions informative and cordial as opposed to the current atmosphere of unpleasantness. I assure you all that the Huskie Booster Club has not made an allegiance with the forces of darkness.

Go Huskies and happy holidays.
Michael Gibbs
President-elect OPRF Huskie Booster Club

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