Burke, Berman should be part of the solution


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Over the course of the last two years, Terry Burke and Scott Berman have been running around unchecked making accusation after accusation, about individuals in the Special Education program at OPRF High School and no one seems to care. Ms. Burke alleged a spanking took place of which her charges were investigated and could not be substantiated by any party present on the day it supposedly happened.

Ms. Burke has now put the Special Olympics Basketball team that OPRF would have had this year in jeopardy. As of this time, the coach who was hired stepped down because of Ms. Burke's nonsense, thus leaving the high school without a team at all.

Ms. Burke continues making these accusations even after she has been notified they are slanderous in nature. Who in their right mind would want to be the coach of the team now, knowing that the Burke/Berman family will be breathing down their neck?

The truth of the matter is that Ms. Burke and Mr. Berman are angry that a specialist they wanted to be involved in the Special Education program at OPRF was not hired. Since that time, Ms. Burke has used these false allegations as a platform in which to gain attention so that she might speak out about her anger over the specialist not being hired.

At what point do we say enough is enough, Ms. Burke, you have cried wolf way too many times? How much longer do we allow this family to continue to ruin teachers and teachers' aides lives, who obviously aren't teaching because of the enormous salary they are being paid?

Then, out of the below-meager salary they are paid, they have to search out a lawyer to defend their good name so that they can continue to teach and earn their salary.

It is time that the school stands behind the teachers and the teachers' aides, and it's time that the union that the teachers and teachers' aides pay stand up for them like they are paid to do.

Teaching children without disabilities is hard enough to do. Add the disability factor and demanding parents on top of it, and let us see how many people would want to be a teacher. I doubt very much that Ms. Burke or Mr. Berman would.

It is time for Ms. Burke and Mr. Berman to put their energy toward something that would benefit their daughter and the other students of the special education program. The more they complain and the more they make false or half-truth statements the more jeopardy they are putting on the school to be able to continue the program that many have praised. It will be increasingly difficult to staff positions where a teacher or aide knows they may have to interact with Ms. Burke or Mr. Berman and wait for the false allegations to start.

It is time to tell Ms. Burke and Mr. Berman to find a new hobby; if they don't want to be part of the solution, they need to stop being the biggest part of the problem!

L. Branch

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