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I am writing to publicly thank all who made this year's Friends of the Oak Park Public Library Book Fair our most successful ever. This year, the 35th of the Fair, the Friends raised over $45,000 in sales and admissions. Most of that money will be used to fund library programs and services that cannot be funded through traditional sources of revenue. Thanks to those in the community who contributed and bought books. This year's selection was phenomenal. Remember that donating and buying books is a great way to invest in the future of Oak Park.

The Fair itself would not be possible without the talent, dedication and hard work of our volunteers. On behalf of the board of the Friends, I'd like to extend a great big thank you to Willow Abtahi, Kathy Ivsin, Andrew Adamczewski, Jennifer Jacobsen, Doris Adamczewski, Kate Janush, Jonathon Adamczewski, Erik Johnson, Kristina Adamczewski, Betty Johnson, Rich Adamczewski, Joseph Kalicki, James O'Donnell Allen, Betty Alonzo, Janet Kelenson, George Ashman, Patricia Kirshenbaum, Ruth Ashman, Rachel Kirshenbaum, Sue Battaglia, Steve Kirshenbaum, Iona Beller, Eileen Kleps, Jane Bularzik, Rob Kleps, Robert Burchill, Janet Regan Klich, Kenny Burns, Pat Koko, Micki Caldbeck, Sam Capone, Rose Kollenberg, Deb Clause, Joan Krenzer, Mary Ann Crotty, John Krenzer, Jennifer Czajka, Anand Krishnakumar, Charles Doehrer, Juanita Krmaschek, Yvonne Doehrer, Raymond Krmaschek, T.J. Dolan, Carol Kubanda, Bill Dring, Tina Kubanda, Janet Dring, Kay Kutska, William Durlak, Chris Kuypers, Kristian Englert, Naomi Law, Linda Englert, Jim LeFevre, Lyn LeFevre, Eleanor Feitler, Dee Leonard, Marge Gockel, Elena Levenson, Monica Gockel, Tom McBride, Guy Golan, Mandy McGee, Deborah Gomez, Barbara McLachlan, Dorothy Harrold, Dupre McLachlan, Kelly Hart, Alicia McNamara, Irene Maniewski, William Hauslein, Sonja Marciciak, Karen Heffner, Gwen Meadows, Joette Higgs, Tonya Melendez, Stuart Hoffman, Gregor Meyer, Annette Hughes, Irene Nichols, Joanna Nichols, Christopher Peoples, Lee Pennington, Mary Ellen Pennington, Barbara Purington, Nancy Reynolds, Vince Richmond, Jenny Roberts, Pam Roberts, Charlie Rossiter, Jack Rossiter-Munley, Georgia Rush, Alyson Ryan, Caitlin Ryan, Debra Ryan, Neal Sanders, Susan Schiff, Janet Scodius, Vic Scodius, Jake Scott, Barbara Sedivec, Terry Lieber, Joe Sedivec, Ray Sedivec, Iris Sherman, Burney Simpson, Michael Singleton, Patrick Singleton, Philip Sparks, Mary Ann Thrantell, Bill Thrantell, Louise Tompkins, Bonnie Vanderwell, Ellie Vanderwell, Terry Vanderwell, Marsha Vetter, Susan Weiss, S. Weldin, John Wellen, Joan Winstein, and all those who volunteered that I have failed to mention. I hope to see you all next year.

Special recognition goes to volunteer Jim Gibson, who again took on the thankless job of pricing rare books and collectibles. I would also be remiss in not thanking George Guevara for another stellar job on the sets.

Thanks also to the library staff for their support of the Fair.

In particular, the maintenance staff was instrumental to the Fair's success. Every year they collect and box books from August to June and help perform the set-up and cleanup efforts at the high school. So thanks to the maintenance staff of Rob Mitchell, Rory O'Neill, Gilbert Reyes, Eddie Tomlin, Louis Venegas and Ralph Meschewski. Thanks also to Debby Preiser for her help in promoting and publicizing the Fair.

Thanks to Susan Bridge and her staff at OPRF High School. In particular, Jim Miller and his crew did a great job in helping with facilities, logistics and anything that was asked of them.

Thanks to all of my fellow board members for making the Fair a great success. A special thanks to Paul Koko, Steve Kirshenbaum, Chet Taranowski and Doris Adamczewski for their daily dedication and hard work. Thanks also to Mary Farrell and Eloise Reimer for their efforts during their sale.

Thanks to our coordinator, Jeff Kallay, for another job well done. Thanks also to Jennifer Czajka for her great work on the volunteer T-shirts and signs.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year for the 36th Book Fair, scheduled for Aug. 4-5, 2006.

Lane S. Hart
President, Friends of the
Oak Park Public Library

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