Thinking about all we get for the taxes I pay


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I got my 2004 Second Installment Property Tax Bill for $7,389.35. Jesus!

Speaking of whom, I wonder how much Jesus paid for his 0000 Second Installment Property Tax Bill. With all those disciples, he would have had a huge house. I wonder if Peter paid rent.

I had never really looked at my bill before, but this time I did. It says here that my 2004 Property Value is $334,156. My 2004 Assessed Value is $53,465. The 2004 State Equalization Factor is 2.5757. The 2004 Equalized Assessed Value is $137,710. Gibberish. These numbers bear no relation to anything! I much prefer the way the Lake Theatre charges for movies?#34;$5.50 before 6 p.m. Or when I buy my groceries, you add up the price of everything and then pay sales tax. Brilliant. There must be something sinister about why it is done this way. I bet Tom DeLay funnels the overage to Republican candidates. Or it helped pay for Millennium Park. Sense.

There was some good news. My taxes for the suburban TB Sanitarium went down from $5.08 to $1.33. We are winning the war against this deadly scourge. I'm paying almost a thousand dollars per year to the Water Reclamation District. I wonder what it does? The Library gets $1,600 per year. I need to go there sometime and quit buying books on-line. Triton gets $700 per year, the high school $8,000, and the elementary school $10,000. So I spend almost $20,000 per year on education. If I spent my golden years in my house with inflation, I would pay out over a million dollars for local education. Wow.

The Village gets $3,600 per year which I think is pretty good. Cops, firemen, those people on Madison, business development guys, consultants and the taping of that funny sitcom?#34;the village board meetings.

There's a whole bunch of little ones: Des Pl. Vall. Mosquito Dist. ($30), Oak Park Mental Health District ($280?#34;I'm surprised it's not higher), Oak Park General Assistance ($44), Forest Preserve ($160) and Cook County Health Facility ($320?#34;a little something for John Stroger), chump change.

I'm not complaining. I guess you've got to pay for the privilege of living in such an enlightened community with so many smart people even though it doesn't have a Trader Joe's. Otherwise you can move.

Can I write a column for the Oak Leaves if I live in Elmwood Park?

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