She just can't say enough (bad) about Ken Trainor


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In Viewpoints of the June 29 Wednesday Journal, Jim Boushay and Rickey Sain wrote that dialogue should be conducted in a spirit of trust and reverence for all persons: an excellent definition which we should all accept.

However, Ken Trainor not only fails to define dialogue in this manner but also fails to practice it. He has absolutely no tolerance for opinions in opposition to his own. He constantly reiterates his hostile and derogatory language against the President of the United States and his administration. His "waning sense of national pride" is clearly exhibited in his columns. even those which bear no relevance to this subject. He demeans the members of our military, who are fighting and dying in the Middle East to protect us, by stating that he feels no safer by their actions.

We are a nation of fallible citizens, given free will by God, but Ken Trainor should thank God that he lives in the United States. It is distasteful that he is unable to voice a positive contribution rather than his unending negative and insulting ones about his country and his president.

Susan Cross
Oak Park

Trainor responds: Susan, I accept your challenge, but I'm also calling your bluff. If you can write one positive thing about Bill Clinton as president, I'll write one positive thing about George Bush as president. If you deliver a backhanded compliment, I'll deliver a backhanded compliment. If you're straightforward and gracious, I'll be straightforward and gracious. The ball is in your court.

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