What would Everett Dirksen say?

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What would Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt say? [I come to praise Lincoln and bury his party, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Oct. 9] Think more recently as well. What would Everett Dirksen have said? Robert Taft? Nelson Rockefeller? Even Henry Hyde. I don't like the Hyde amendment on abortion, but at least Henry got it approved properly.

Bill Dring

Oak Park

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Bill from Oak Park  

Posted: October 21st, 2013 9:12 AM

I always love when liberal show concern and offer advice for the Republican party. The solution always seems to be a transformation to Democrat-lite. Just like another Illinoisan Republican, Bob Michel. I think the fights within the GOP will clarify what the party stands for and make it stronger. Sooner or later the debt and unreformed entitlement will catch up with the Dems and the US will need an alternative. Not the junior coalition partner.

OP Resident # 545 from Oak Park  

Posted: October 18th, 2013 11:03 AM

Political discourse in this country has always had it's contentious side. Today it's mainly the medium available that has changed & escalating the noise. The good thing is we can still tune it out, it just takes a bit more effort now. Ground zero for the coarseness of today's political discourse was the 1987 nomination process of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. The Left raised the level of character assassination & lies to levels heretofore unseen. They got away with it, & it continues today.

Dale Jones from River Forest  

Posted: October 18th, 2013 8:04 AM

What I have observed here in these posts is the useless form that political discourse has taken in this Nation. When an egregious departure from civil discourse taken by one of "our guys", the typical response has been to try to find equally bad behavior on the other side rather than hold the individual responsible for his bad behavior. As long as we make excuses for poor behavior, it will continue to get worse and we will accomplish nothing.

Jim Coughlin from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 1:30 PM

There been enough nastiness and too much namecalling from both sides.I remember how a rumor, reportedly linked to Bush supporters, surfaced during the 2000 GOP primary in South Carolina that John McCain's adopted daughter was really the illegitimate offspring from his affair with a black woman. Rush Limbaugh, Michele Malkin, Anne Coulter and Michael Savage have all said some truly offensive things about the President and First Lady. When Ted Cruz says that Chuck Hagel is a "traitor" and his father compares President Obama to Hitler; they crossed the line. Louis Gohmert claiming that John McCain supported al Qaeda is disgraceful. We can go back and forth arguing about who is most responsible for saying the most despicable things but better to agree that we've heard enough and vow to tune those voices out.

Uncommon Sense  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 12:03 PM

Jim, the ranting of a few unknown loons on the right hardly compare to well known politicians/journalists on the left. Harry Reid calling Republicans "Anarchists", "Terrorists". Talk show hosts called Palin a C*nt, whore, etc. Bill Maher? Calling black conservatives Uncle Toms. Sorry, you can't compare what the left gets away with, particularly when you consider the prominence of the left name callers vs those on the right.

Jim Coughlin from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 11:36 AM

Don't pretend that there has not been namecalling by people who claim to be tea party/republicans. President Obama has been compared to murderous dictators like Stalin and Hitler and even said to be the anti-Christ. George W. Bush was also the subject of a number similar and unfair personal attacks. Sadly, such wild comparisons have too often been allowed to become part of the discussion. Such comments are counter-productive to efforts to reach a common ground. You might personally want to consider a more effective way to express your opinion rather than referring to people with whom you have philisophical differences with as "mindless robots".

Uncommon Sense  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 11:01 AM

Jim, the left's modus operandi is name calling. As OP545 stated, you can't even have an honest policy debate without getting called a racist by the left. It is amazing what the left gets away with while simply questioning some cooky left wing policy gets you tar and feathered in the media.

Jim Coughlin from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 10:54 AM

Talk about "an utterly false and baseless" accusation! The nonsensical namecalling does little to promote a civil and productive dialogue. Complex issues deserve to be carefully studied and debated.

OP Resident # 545 from Oak Park  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 10:01 AM

Jim, that's exactly my point. Today, Dems & the left call EVERY Republican & conservative racists/bigots/homophobes, despite the fact that in 99.9% of the cases it's an utterly false & baseless accusation. The left and Dems don't care to discuss differences in policy solutions, & even worse, put their heads in the sand when it comes to the real damage Democrat/liberal policies have inflicted on everyone, especially the poor & minorities that Dems pretend to champion. Dems are mindless robots.

Jim Coughlin from Oak Park, Illinois  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 9:52 AM

Strange notion that Everett Dirksen would be called a "racist. He helped write the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1968 Opening Housing Act and a number of goverment programs that were part of FDR's New Deal. It is true that the senator, who was considered a moderate, clashed with liberal politicians on issues like the Vietnam War, which he supported, but they were within his own party.

OP Resident # 545 from Oak Park  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 9:01 AM

Bill, the left didn't like Dirksen either, they just found him a little more pliable. The media of the day tried to shape him and others in the GOP as "bipartisan statesman" in order to inch them further left. Today, he'd simply be called a racist, bigot, homophobe who wants to kill seniors & poor kids. That's the left's lone playbook, & the mainstream press' template on anyone that doesn't toe their line. It's insipid, unthinking, & wrong, but it's all about statist ideology.

Ray Simpson from Oak Park  

Posted: October 16th, 2013 7:47 AM

We are becoming so accustomed to millions and billions of dollars that 'thousands' has almost passed out of the dictionary. Everett Dirksen

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