Way to go! 97 ways to raise self esteem

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From the back page of the Oak Park Elementary Schools, District 97 Board Briefs newsletter, titled, "97 Ways to Praise a Child:"

Wow! Way to go! Super! You're special! Outstanding! Excellent! Great! Good! Neat! Well done! Remarkable! I knew you could do it! I'm proud of you! Super star! Nice work! Looking good! You're on top of it! You're amazing! Now you're flying! Now you've got it! You're a winner! Yay! That's it! You're the bomb! You go kiddo! You're fantastic! Hurray for you! Bravo! You're on target! You're on your way! How nice! How smart! Good job! That's incredible! You're catching on! Hot dog! Dynamite! Keep it up! You're unique! You're sensational! Nothing can stop you now! Good for you! I like that! Beautiful! Remarkable job! Spectacular! Great discovery! Cool! You figured it out! Bingo! Splendid! Hip hip hurray! Magnificent! Marvelous! Terrific! Fabulous! Wonderful! Awesome! Phenomenal! Super work! Creative job! Outstanding performance! Exceptional! You're incredible! That's correct! A+ job! Fantastic! You're a real trooper! You are responsible! How exciting! You learned it! What an imagination! What a good listener! Beautiful sharing! You're growing up! You tried hard! You care! I trust you! You're important! You mean a lot to me! You've got a friend! You make me happy! You are fun! You make me laugh! You brighten my day! I respect you! You belong! You're the best! You're important! You mean the world to me! You're a joy! You're a treasure! You're wonderful! You're perfect! You made my day! You're a-ok-my buddy! I love you!

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